Saturday, December 18, 2010

Am I a big fat NERD?

Nak jadi skema sebentar..

My sis once told me, kalu an issue or matter require you to make a decision or a move, kalu rase yakin..mmg decision kte tu the right one. Kalu rase doubts, means either decision tu xbape nk tepat or wasnt meant to be. Contoh, cm beli kete. Kalu betol2 nk commit urself nk buy a car, kalu yakin cam.."Ye, saya nak sgt2 kete ni" seperti ape yg aku akn ckp kalu aku mampu nk afford Volkswagen Scirocco.

Sungguh nice bukan kereta ni?Adei..nape ko mahal sgt

But kalu mase tgh tunggu loan kete nk lepas, tapi still ade prasaan ragu2 mcm.."Ko betul2 ke nk kete ni?", means that kete ni wasn't meant for you. It's not the right choice. So, point aku skang ni, aku rase yakin je nk proceed master programme and agak ragu2 utk start working dulu. Even aku skang ngah excited menunggu mase utk diskus with the right person about the programme. But when it comes to nk stat keje, even on the way nk g interview aku yg ke brape pon aku xtaw, still ade doubts whether aku capable enough ke for this job? The doubts still ade. Does it mean that belum the right time utk aku start working?

And master programme yg aku btol excited nk proceed is Petroleum Geoscience! Yes ladies and gentleman! Cucu angkat Chuck Norris ni has nerd side inside of her! What is Petroleum Geoscience exactly, you may ask? It covers broad area of Geochemistry, Geo-physic and also related with Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The role? This thing yg btol2 wat aku excited. Using seismic data or undertaking magnetic survey or geochemical, and using geological info yg dpt dari magnetic survery atau seismic data, and interpret dlm software, ley pick the optimum solution utk drill well for oil exploration. Fun kan?Itu brief description pasal area ni la.=D

Contoh seismic data

Contoh magnetic survey

Argh!Aku da transfrom jadi skema!

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