Sunday, December 19, 2010

Interview 101 Part 2

So, aku da share and kasi prebiu pasal budget kat Interview 101 Part 1 .Meh aku share plak experience aku jumpe ngan bermcm2 jenis interview candidate. Jgn terkejut kalu before start interview, korang ley plak get along really well ngan several candidates and nak dijadikan cerita plak, dpt satu geng during group interview and discussion. Mmg jadi mcm sembang2 kedai kopi ar lepas tu. Tu beautiful side of the interview. Bad side? Mmg banyak. Meh aku conclude sket, kasi senang itu crita.

1. Chameleon Candidate
Majority candidate mcm ni ar. So jgn cpt melatah plak. Outside before interview, diorg could be nice to others. But bile masuk discussion room for group discussion session, it's like they don't know you at all. Mmg org ckp, this is strictly business, nothing personal. But, that doesn't mean you have to be cruel to others. Mmg you nak this job, but what do you think about the rest that in the same discussion room with you? Diorg nak this job gak and you have made yourself looks like a stubborn ass. Xsalah utk disagree the opinion from others but there are several nicest way to say that ko xstuju ngan diorg. Just don't be cruel by condem other people's ideas. Be tolerate with each other, xsalah kan? That help the interviewer to see you as someone yg ley tolerate and have good teamwork skills. So be nice to people, karma will get back to you.

2. Kissing-ass Candidate
Haaaa..this one nye candidate type, mmg cnpem kne sula. Xpatut wujud di muka bumi ini. From interview start smpai lar sesi one on one, these people keep dok kissing si interviewer's ass. Pretend to be interested in the interviewer's life and try to create the fake chemistry with them. So in other way, kunun nye cara tu dpt wat the panel interview remember you the most and more favor to you than other candidates. You think? Bukan itu yg diorg will asses on you. Banyak lagi, and until now walupun aku da bnyak went for interview, still, aku masih xdpt seek requirement yg diorg nak sebenar nya. Maybe korang igt diorg looking for someone yg confident to communicate, bla bla bla..but, maybe ade some more yg kte xtaw and kte xsedar while kte explain a little bit about ourselves. Tapi this type of people mmg annoying ar. Not just time interview, working life pon berlambak perangai cmni. Patut kne sula je. Oopss..tbe2 ter-emo plak. Hahaha.

3. Knows-it-all Candidate
Spesis ni pon ade. Bajet mcm taw sume mende but pointless. Usually mende ni terserlah time group discussion session ar. Slalu nye, type2 manusia pelik slalu nmpk time session ni la during interview since you have to communicate and discuss with each other. And slalu nye yg bajet taw sume ni, just nk impress the interviewer with the knowledge yg die ade, but usually the point are so weak atau pointless. Sbb ape? sbb die trying too hard nk show as much as he/she can that die ni jenis Wikipedia bergerak, which sebenar nye susah bagi die nk fit his/her points in the discussion. Kalu da terdesak sgt nk expose diri, this type of people will force the group member to accept his/her points just because he/she thinks he/she knows better, without no toleration and consideration. 

4. Quiet@Sombong Candidate
There's a very thin line to see whether this type is sebenar nye type yg pendiam atau sombong. The reason why is, ade some yg lebey sume mendiamkan diri nk calm him/herself down from the nervous before the interview start. Usually candidate yg go for the very first interview slalu nye suke mendiamkan diri. Then lame2, throughout the interview tu, confidence da dtg sket then they will show their true colors whether in a bad way or good way. Usually kalu jenis yg ok, lepas abis interbiu tu, terus lepak minum2 and sembang2. Kalu yg spesis sombong plak, mmg sebelum and selepas interview pon, diorg mmg dtg hanya untuk interview and xde intention in making new friends. Because you know, actually going for an interview is another way in making new friends and expanding your social network. On on condition, kne la rajin keep in touch with each other. Jgn la plak, time susah baru nk cari balik kn.

5. Normal Candidate
Which i referred to someone yg just be him/herself during the interview. No need to be pretending to get the job. And that's what most important in the interview.Just be yourself, and dpt ke x dpt, itu another story. Itu da masuk rezeki nye crita. Kalu xde rezeki, wat la cmne skali pon, in the end, it's not meant to be for us. 

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