Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Happy new year to everyone!May the 2011 will bring great things to you guys!And this year, even new year celebration pon was a little bit different. Da busan celeb kat genting, which is the same aktiviti je every new year's eve. So tuka plan to The Curve. Celebrating with frens, spraying each other with foam, has made the event so memorable and something that I will not forget. Here's some of the pics from the celebration. The girls mmg kaw2 kene spray from the guys..korang maen cheat kot!hahahaha..Anyway, we're lucky enough that a celebrity has joined us in the celebration. Sivaji the boss in the house!Hahahahha!

The girls from left: Eva, Bell, me and Sara

The guys from left: Firdaus, Mr Sivaji, Mizwa, Paen, Aiman, Arin

You guys were so awesome!


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