Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ade aku kisah??

It's funny that tahun 2011 ni menyerlahkan segala2 yg tersembunyi from me selama ni. Whether my hidden talent, my new activity of interest, silent jealousy, hypocrite people, etc, has been revealed or exposed to me this year. It's funny that people pon start to notice kehadiran aku and ade yg mengambil jalan bodoh yg konon nye nk isolate aku from the crowd. Sebab ape? Maybe ego diorg tercabar? Pantang tgk org laen achieve better than you did?

I'm not saying that I'm better than you, but ko yg pikir that way. I'm still the way i am, loud as ever.hahahah!And its funny that after the drama yg telah berlaku, several people have noticed for what you did and ade yg bru stat nk campur tangan, to make situation better. Good for them, but if u asked me...ADA AKU KESAH? 

Even aku sndri da anggap ko very invisible from my eyes, walupun ko berdiri btol2 dpn aku. Yes, you will see a totally different person when I started to have no interest with u and ur life or watsoever, and yes, my level of ignorance is very high. Once aku da start don't give a damn thing abt u, you will be so invisible in front of me that you might think whether aku sedar tak kehadiran ko di sekeliling aku.

People around me da start to noticed ape yg telah berlaku skang ni but aku malas nk take port. I have no interest in you and your stupid bimbo life. But old folks kan, xnak la mende ni berpanjang but, ntah, aku da malas nk amek port la.Aku da busan ngan your silent jealousy. Smpai bile ko nk compete ngan idup org? So kalu org ley berak taik besar gajah, ko pon nk kasi berak saiz taik besar gajah gak?

Yes, at first aku the one yg cube to be friendly but kalu asyik sepatah tnya, sepatah jawab mcm kte plak yg terhegeh2, air yg bru nak masak atas dapur pon lama2 ley brasap gak beb. You want it that way kan? Fine, im okay with it je. I give wat you want. Just do not ever think abt if i will ever be the same person like i used to be after this. Ade org, marah kejap then da ok. Dgn aku, jgn nk expect mende tu will happen. Ignoring ko and have nothing to do with ur life sampai mati pon aku xkisah la. Xde efek pon dlm idup aku, bukan ko yg sapot idup aku pon. Even kalu nk wat the same kat aku pon...ADA AKU KESAH?? 

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