Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ayat2 klise program realiti

Da lame x tgk cter "Whose line is it anyway". Bagi aku, cter tu is the most classic stand up comedy ever and not surprisingly, org kta pon celup idea and make it as their own. Agak2 cter ape ye? Pernah dgr the word, 1..2..3..Spontan!Sebenar nye konsep and idea cter "Spontan" ni, originally created from WLIIA. 

Ley dikatakan sume sketsa dlm Spontan tu dicelup bulat2 dlm WLIIA. Since aku pernah watched both shows so aku ley nmpk the similarities. Haiya, get some new idea la people! But biase la, idea celup-mencelup ni mmg berlaku everywhere da. Cume kte sedar atau x je. So anyway, bukan itu yg aku nk ckp skang ni, tapi kalu WLIIA masih ade skang, there will be satu sketch dipanggil 'Scenes from a hat'. Kalu kua scenes of "Things that usually said while in reality tv series", aku rase these klise statement akn kua..

America's Next Top Model

"This pretty face will win America's Next Top Model, you'll see..."
"I've been in bottom two twice, I have to step up my game.."
"(Name)..she is a b***h, she is. I hate her.."
"Work it, work it, work it like it is your last shot.."
"I didnt do well in the photo shoot, I'm going home, totally..."
"OMG! I love u Tyra!"

My favorite quote yg mmbuatkan aku rase cm nk bagi penampar je..
Time audition: "I want this so badly..."
During competition: "I don't think modelling is for me. I wanna quit.."   (cakap tak srupa bikin punyaaa)

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

"He is soooo hot.."
"He's mine and nobody can take him away from me.."
"I'm so in love with him, I'll be dissapointed if he didn't choose me"
"That girl, is a b***h, she tries to get him for herself. I won't let her..."

Pura-pura nangis nk menagih attention mamat bajet hot market ni, last2 mamat ni dengan sedih(konon nya), melepaskan pmpuan2 desperado one by one sehingga one last standing. And after 3 months, broke up and mamat ni back into the show, to find 'one true love' again.hahahhaha!

The Biggest Loser

"Eating is one thing that I can control in my life.."
"I work so hard than everyone else and I only lost 1 pound. I'm shocked..."
"I have to step up my game to avoid from being below the yellow line..."
"I'm tired of being in this fat costume, it's time to change..."

Satu lagi quote yg xley blah, "I believe this show can change my life forever. I want live longer for my family.."
3 months after the show, gain weight and back to old eating habits.

What's so interesting is that aku cukup pay attention to these details smpai boley re-quote balik all the cliche quotes, which something tells me to...GET A JOB!Hahahaha! 

Here's a bonus clip, as a thank you for putting up with all my babblings..enjoy! For u guys who don't know who Richard Simmons is, u guys ley check on him here Who is Richard Simmons? And dun mind him, perwatakan die mmg jenis ala2 bimbo sket. By the way, cube tgk the guys next to Richard, masing2 sume rase awkward ngan die..hahah!Have fun watching! 

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