Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrities Look Alike Part II

Okay, sequel to Celebrities Look Alike has arrived! Part I kte da tgk on actress yg look alike walupun from different mother, so for part II, jom kte tgk actors plak.

James Blunt (Singer) vs. Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite)

William Shatner (Miss Congeniality) vs. Ryan O'neal (Farrah Fawcett Bf)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (from The Losers) vs. Javier Bardem (Penelope Cruz hubby)

Chad Smith (RHCP Drummer) vs. Will Ferrell (Actor)

So, as usual, last but not at least and saving the best for the last...

Janice Nugget (The Muppet Show) vs. Donatella Versace (Designer)

Yg the last tu usually always a bonus. That's why i said last but not at least. And the bonus part always diferent from other part. Which is why the reason our Miss Donatella is under this 'actor' categories. No part III rase nye after this. Kalu aku rajin mmbuat homework, ade la kot nanti. Wat mase ni, like Looney Tunes said, that's all folks!

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