Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrities Look Alike

Dunno whether org xpasan sbb xramai heard of them sgt, but aku bru discovered a new celebrity look alike. Thanks to 'How I Met Your Mother' series for opening my eyes to realize abt it. Here are several of celebrities 'sisters' from another mother.

Zooey Deschanel vs. Katy Perry

Amy Adams vs. Isle Fisher

Ginnifer Goodwin vs. Jennifer Morrison

Kim Kardashian vs. Nicole Scherzinger

Last but not at least, saving the best for the last...

Rob Pattinson vs. Troll Doll

AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!Jgn mara die-hard fans Rob Pattinson sekalian, hanya sekadar gurauan. Jgn terkam aku plak mlm ni. Aku lom kawen, so darah aku belum cukup manis lagi kalu korang nk terkam. Hahahahha

Part 2 is coming soon....

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