Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dejavu of Filem/Drama Melayu yg cliche

Once upon a time, aku pernah wat entri pasal elemen2 klise dlm filem/drama melayu. Nk cari balik the entri tu agak haywired gak ar.Baru aku sedar, in every month, agak bnyak jugak lambakan entri merapu aku ni but...ade aku kisah?aku nye blog, aku nk ckp ape, aku nye suke ar.hahaha. 

Like i said, aku penah wat entri pasal Hiperbola Drama Melayu and Elemen 'Muntah' Filem Seram Melayu and happen to found similar thing but on youtube. Based on the date, the video was recently uploaded on Feb 8, 2011. But still and finally ade gak org yg aware of elemen2 muntah yg kerap diulang dlm filem/drama melayu. Slalu nye org yg kaki drama ni, die maen layan je. Xconcern sgt pon idea2 yg kerap diulang, cuma kasi modified sket je. Which means that tlg wat drama/filem melayu dgn idea yg baru and fresh please! By the way, enjoy this funny video!=D

You can check this guy's nye Youtube channel for more videos. To the Msian filmmakers and drama makers, xkn smpai nk kena wat FB group baru nk tergerak cari fresh ideas?=D

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