Saturday, March 26, 2011

Suckerpunch - The Review

The poster look fantastic!The story?For me, great poster but average storyline. Why? Kalu korang expect the storyline is about of 5 hot girls are at war, you are correct but you have to least ur expectation on the war part. Yes, they are at war but what kind of war? Kalu sape yg pernah main World of Warcraft, konsep die lebey kurang cmtu. A war to get the requested item in order to achieve their freedom. My brief description?This movie is similar mcm fantasi kanak2 perempuan tapi versi ganas. 

As we all know, little girls suka sgt berfantasi. Fantasy as a princess in the fairytale land, hot woman on heels etc. So Suckerpunch ni more like that, tapi versi ganas with sword, guns, grenade, etc. What i expected from the poster was totally wrong. Aku igtkan diorg in a war to save the world, mcm The Losers ke atau game Metal Slug ke. Tapi expectation aku silap sama skali.

Crita die pasal Babydoll, the Barbie look alike yg kne anta to mental hospital by her stepfather. Kat sana, she was introduced to Dr Gorski yg supervise and treat these mental girls. While she was there, Babydoll mcm idup dlm fantasi and khayalan die sndri. In that khayalan, die being informed from an old man who came out of nowhere bgtaw certain item that she need to get in order to escape the facility.

So the war yg korang tgk dlm trailer tu, semata2 hanya fantasi these girls in order to get the item. Padahal in real world, sebenar nye bunch of 5 pmpuan gila try to steal the item dalam facility tu in order to escape themselves. Itu saja konsep cter die. Agak sucks bukan? Kire bukan diorg btol2 in a war sgt la. Tu yg mmbuatkan aku agk kecewa sket, seperti ditipu.hahaha.

Rating? Erm..disebabkn aku tertipu dgn cter ni, aku ley bg 3 out of 5 for storyline but 5 out of 5 for its cinematography. Very classic superbly maniputaled. If u asked me berbaloi ke x nk tgk mubi ni, utk storyline xberbaloi. But kalu nk tgk cinematography die, ok la kot nk tgk. Graphic die mmg sgt cantik and penuh dgn kesenian. 

Check out the trailer~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear, The Hipster

Have you ever been a hipster? It is truly a subjective matter to discuss. Why? Banyak maksud hipster ni sebenar nye. Kalu look into the wikipedia,  bnyak definition yg diberi. But referring to our time, aku rase hipster lebey sesuai dgn definition of scenester, which is a person who tries very hard to fit the stereotype of a certain scene. And aku sndri not ashamed admitting im one of it.

Yes, that's right people, i considered myself a hipster but speficically on the gadget part. I'm a gadget freak and like to update with what's new in the gadget world. Guess what? Blackberry Apollo is coming to town and also Iphone5. For all the gadget freaks, do prepare yourself mentally and physically before menyertai rusuhan serbuan kedai gadget. Hahaha.

Iphone5 (Mungkinkah?)

Blackberry Apollo via

As usual, aku akn bebel mende yg xberkait dgn entri and after that bru back to main points. Hahaha.Wat to do kan? So for my entri today, just want to share with you several of the hipster trend from past and also the current trend. Shall we?

1. Photography & DSLR
Mase aku berjinak2 dgn dunia photog, belum ramai lg posers2 berkeliaran mmbawa kamera DSLR ke shopping complex and bercamwhore bagai nak rak, smbil mengakui diri sndri sbg photographer termantap. Skang? You can see it for yourself. Amek gmbar bagaikan boleh diambil dgn kamera telefon, upload in FB and tag people sebanyak mungkin mengharapkan pujian.

Kalu kte tgk 2-3 tahun yg lepas, terdapat lambakan blog2 kat tenet. From blog sharing information, until la blog 'membuka pekung di dada' hingga nk tido, gosok gigi pon di share kan dlm entri. Aku nak wat pasni, nk wat caption, 'Malas nye nak berak rini'. hahahah. Skang masih ade yg berblogging but xsehavoc mcm dulu la...mungkin sebab...

3. Blackberry
Mungkin sbb blackberry kah? Lebey senang update status di FB thru BB. All the infos that u want to share just at the tips of your fingers. Compare Iphone users ngan BB users, majoriti is BB users becoz of the BBM. Lagipon BB ade pilihan yg lebey cheaper for someone yg agak low budget but want to get smartphone compared to Iphone. But skang, trend tu da bukan hipster sgt da sbb skang BB da mcm nokia sbb bnyak plan murah from telco company

4.Aktiviti Berbasikal
Haaa...current trend right now. Aktiviti berbasikal. Anywhere u go, pasti akn nampak segerombolan manusia mengayuh basikal ala2 filem Sembilu mari. Yes, aktiviti yg sihat but how long it will last agak2 yer? Pasni aktiviti kayak plak ke?

5. Fashion
When it comes to fashion, bnyak trend was set up by these hipster. Ray ban and retro sunglasses, fedora, gprahic shirt, vest, etc. Kalu dulu, wearing this accessories, mmg kena gelak ngan kawan2 ar sbb u are making a fool out of yourself. Remember Kanye West sunglasses? Xsangka that thing pon ley jadi trend padahal xde fungsi pon aku rase.Hahaha.

Kanye West glasses via agentbree.files.wordpress

Ade lagi trend2 yg set up by these hipster but jam menunjukkan pukul 7 dan sudah sampei masa utk guer pulang dulu..Babai!Later smbung with part II..=D

This entri is not meant to offend anyone, just a sharing info entries and flashing back of what we have done before. Peace...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a7x - Buried Alive

Just purchased Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare Album (setelah berkurun lama nye in stores), and like the reviews said, mmg this album is heading to the darker side compared their previous album. Maybe a tribute to their late drummer, The Rev who passed away last year. RIP dude. Anyway, I love this song so much apart from their singles, Nightmare. The song called Buried Alive. So, enjoy the video!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minggu Perut Raksasa

Episod I: Spaghetti Meatballs
Minggu ni ley dikategorikan sebagai minggu perut raksasa. Everytime balik keje je, tibe2 appetite pleasure aku menggelodak. Mula lah ilusi2 makanan sedap rotate around my head. So pikir2 punye pikir, last2, i spoiled myself by treating a spaghetti meatballs from Secret Recipe. Never thought it was so good, maybe sbb aku agak kebuluran time tu. So mkn ape pon sedap kan. But mmg sedap lah. Lagipon aku rase org laen da rase spaghetti ni, cuma aku je bru nk try memandangkan spaghetti is not really my thing sgt.

Episod II: Dessert's Bar
Setelah sekian lame aku menghalang diri aku dr spend my money at KLCC, finally the Dessert's Bar telah mmbuatkan aku terpaksa melanggar prinsip aku. I admit, I'm a dessert person. Aku suke any types of dessert, fruit tart, egg tart, muffins, donuts, ice cream, etc. So this Dessert's Bar, btol2 menguji prinsip aku. 

This what I had:
Vanilla Banana Smoothies
Chocolate Strawberry Crepe
Grape Cheese Parfaits

Since aku lom pernah cuba Dessert's Bar ni before, so aku amek the cafe's specialty. So how was it? If u asked me, rupa nye its a sugar-free dessert and utk sweet tooth like me, might not be a favorite. I want to like it but die xde ummphh! Xde 'ummphh' effect yg mmbuatkan aku might nk try other things after this. Cukup la that one meal je. The price? Erm, its a subjective thing to say. Kalu korang rase meal less than 5 hengget is affordable then this meal is quite expensive. Like me, i feel the meal is affordable if its less than 10 hengget. So for me, it is affordable. You can try dis cafe in KLCC, second floor, opposite tu Banana Republic outlet, i think its Banana Republic.

Chocolate Strawberry Crepe- RM 9.90

Grape Cheese Parfait -RM 7.80

Vanilla Banana Smoothies - RM 8.80

Episod III: Yuzu Restaurant
3rd episode of my own Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Asal balik keje je, appetite mula la mmbesar bak raksasa.Asal nye nk go for Sakae Sushi, but xtaw plak the outlet was closed and replaced by this Japanese Restaurant, Yuzu Restaurant. My recommendation? Sesuai utk golongan yg hantu japanese food, sbb there much more than just a sushi meal. Kalu yg suke mkn sushi saje, i recommend you to go to Sushi King or Sakae Sushi. This place is not for you. And do expect the price is so different than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. For the one yg look for food satisfaction, its a place for you. 
Orange Juice - Rm 9.00

Sushi Tempura & Soba Bento Set - Rm 38

This set includes:
- Prawn Tempura
- Japanese Soba
-6 different sushi
-Tiramisu Cake
-Custard Egg

Custard Egg

Tiramisu Cake

How much of the total cost u've asked? Here's the basic summary:

Sushi Tempura & Soba Bento Set - RM 38
Orange Juice - RM 9
Service Tax (10%) - 4.70
Government Tax (6%) - 2.82

TOTAL is RM 54.50

If u asked me was it worth it, I know the price is ridiculous to some of us but for me, its worth every penny. They serve a high quality beef and sashimi which make it pricey. But for food satisfaction, as Amy Search said, mmg berbaloi! Almost forgot, where is this restaurant? Its on the top floor, next to Little Penang in KLCC. No more episod IV after this, i think, because I feel that i want to save for something bigger, that insya allah, in God's willing, I'll be surveying for this thing for 6 months before really make my move. Wish me luck!=)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Disaster: They need your help

Dear readers,

If u happened to see people are asking for donations for the japan disaster, please donate. Im not begging you, im not asking you to do it but if you want to make a change for the better in other people's life, i encouraged you to do so. For LRT users, akan ade people at both side of entrance and exit at Masjid Jamek line, asking for donations. How they show their appreciation for your donation, trust me, you will be touched, sebak pon ade sket.

They really2 need your help in a time like dis. Jgn la be attitude cmni, 'Ala, org laen da donate da. Nanti cukup la tu'. Trust me, you can look in their face, they are desperate for help. They have lost their homes, family ones and now they have to face another several thing which is radiations, food out-of stock and cold winter, to name a few. Kalu blackberry mampu dibeli, so why not ringankan tgn bersedekah, mmbantu org yg btol2 memerlukan.

Mane taw, in future, its us plak yg memerlukan bantuan? We'll never know kan. How do u feel if this thing happened to you?Do you realize how desperate we will be asking for help? Try to be on their shoes, and you'll know what it really feels. Here's some of the pictures of the disaster.

Before & After

Let's pray for them. Do help them, they need all the help that they can get.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ladies + Integrity = Action?

(Written on this car: Never lend your car to a woman)

Aku da noticed lame da mende ni tapi saje nk tgk, is it often like dis or wat kan? And slame aku dok naik tren to work,da mcm often plak dok nmpak. Wat is it u may asked? Before i revealed wat is it, usually org slalu ckp kalu female driver bwk kete slow terhegeh2,org akn ckp, 'patut la slow, pmpuan bwk rupa nye'. Kalu laki bwk slow, org akn ckp plak, 'isk, bwk cm pmpuan'. Pmpuan gak kena.

Why kaum2 hawa slalu disebut mcm tu? Sbb most us slalu 'membenarkan' atau 'create' something for people to talk about. Why not pasni tuka trend tekan pedal minyak kuat sket, xde la org dok ckp  female driver slalu bwk slow. Aku pmpuan gak kot, trase gak tempias2 sarcasm tu. Sampai ade org wat website kot, upload gmbar2 silly stuff yg dilakukan oleh female driver such as parking senget menget, kete masuk longkang, etc.

So back to the real reason of this entri, hampir tiap ari aku dok ignore je but couldnt take it anymore sbb majoriti of it is ladies. Wat is it? Check this out



Can you see the lift tu sebenar nye utk golongan ape? Golongan kurang upaya kot. Setahu aku dok nampak, yg dok naik lif ni sume sempurna tubuh badan, sihat walafiat je. Where's your integrity ladies? Xkn nk bg other people add another reason like this, 'Oh well, pmpuan kot, diorg pduli ape..'. Like i said, most of us sndri yg mmbenarkan people to talk about it. Like in this case, ade org soh ko use that lift tu? The ladies sndri yg beratur nk naik lift ni. Think abt it.

You can give reasons, nak cepat, late for work, etc but in the end, ade people kisah abt it?People kan suke talk about other people walupun pihak yg dikutuk tu have their own reasons for it. So ladies, come on, for 2011, we have to change that perceptions. Smpai bile nk dijadikan bahan sarcasm and kutukan?=)

Top 5 reasons why Snyster Gates is hot as hell

1. He a lead guitarist from heavy metal band, Avenged Sevenfold and he is soooo good at it.

2. He has red belt in martial arts. Even though its not black belt, but fair enough.=D

3. Just look at those muscle arms..grrrr..

4. A fella sith of lord quoted, 'Die ni jambu kalu xde tatu'. Which mean that he still got his cuteness tapi hidden behind those tatoos yg ganas.

5. Die mmg hot kot! What should I give more reason for it.=D

Ma.....can I keep him please...?? Wat menantu ada buley?Hahaha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Unique LRT Users

Ritu aku pernah wat entri pasal several type of KL drivers so skang, bru pagi td timbul plak inspirasi nk wat pasal entri ni. Ape plak entri kali ni?Jeng jeng jeng, ala, xde bombastic sgt pon, just sekadar several type of LRT users. To someone yg menjadi LRT user tegar spt aku, bab2 berhimpit2 dlm tren tu aku da immune. Tapi, aku lom high level enough nk menempuh kesempitan hidup yg bagaikan duduk dlm tin sardine Marina tuna dlm KTM.
So alhamdulillah so far, xde tmpt yg memerlukan aku menempuh KTM tiap2 pagi. So anyway, LRT users pon ade mcm2 gaya.

1. "LRT ni aku yg punya!"
Asal bukak pintu je, mostly serbu utk tmpt duduk. Kalu yg prangai cm palat, from behind, terus potong line, serbu pintu masuk lrt and terus duduk wat dunno. Org laen beratur gak weyh, org pon penat balik keje gak weyh, considerate la sket. Oh lupe plak, org considerate mane prangai palat cmni. Hahaha.

2. "Shhhh..aku tido, jgn kacau"
Spesis ni ade two types. One is die btol2 letey and amek some time dlm tren utk rehatkan mata. Another one ni yg agk kurang acceptable. Dis type usually akn pura-pura tido so that kalu ade someone yg lebey memerlukan seat like old folks, oku, or even pregnant woman, diorg akn mengharapkan other people will give their seat to the one who needed, so that they can keep their seat as well. Basically, it's a win-win situation to spesis ni la.
Oh, mcm mane nak taw diorg ni pura2 tido?Usually when someone yg sgt letey, you can tell on how he sleeps. Kalu da stok tido mulut ternganga utk mmberi2 angin2 sejuk air-cond memenuhi rongga udara, mmg letey ar tu. Xpduli da org nk tgk ke x dlm tren tu, janji dpt rehat.Haha.So utk spesis yg quite inconsiderate plak, slalu nye one station before he reached the destination, dia kn sedarkan diri.

Obviously bile turun kat Masjid Jamek la. Satu cara nk confirm kan, wat die annoyed 'unpurposely'. Cm aku, aku saje meletakkan bucu paperbag kat kaki or lutut die. Kalu sedar, die akn ubah the position. Kalu die ckup sedar utk ubah position, why not bukak mata tu and aware of the surrounding?

3. "My music is so awesome bro"
Usually ni budak skolah nye keje ar. So malas nk ckp bnyak2, memandangkan the maturity level and awareness masih kurang. But aku elaborate sket je. Org penat balik keje, kpl sudah memikirkan hot shower/mahupun masakan sedap sedang menanti di rumah, tapi diganggu ngan bunyian lagu2 dan juga laughter2 yg memekak. Org xheran la how noisy you are, they will think of you just a bunch of brats je.

4. "Look into my eyes...alamak kantoi!"
Usually this type is the ladies la. Kaki usya org from head-to-toe mcm nk makan org, aummmm!

Ade one time, btol2 happened in front of my eyes, ade one lady, a MAS stewardess masuk train kat Chan Sow Lin, and dis tudung lady, stared her from head-to-toe dgn slack gile. Kalu pandangan die ade daya cas elektrostatik, mesti rmbut pramugari tu da jadi cm Albert Einstein. Hahhaa. Don't judge the book by its cover la kak, ko tu pon pakai tudung but lom tentu perfect akidah nye.

5. "Aku CEO kot, tapi down-to earth nye CEO"
Spesis ni mmg wat aku gelak everytime kalu diorg share one train ngan aku. They are so funny, you can just laugh at their gebang2 story. Xde la diorg sembang ngan aku tapi bile tren is packed, so its time to make a million dollar call and sembang kuat gile, so motip nye is to show to everyone how big he is. Example:
"Halo! Projek tu bile nk siap? Aku da book BMW aku ni.."
"Istana aku kat Ukay Perdana tu tgh renovate. So skang aku sewa jap kat rumah teres tepi jalan tu je.."
"Datuk! Sy otw nak balik tapi kalu Datuk ajak dinner kat Hotel Concorde pon boley gak.."

Ayat gebang srupa dgn MLM. Selama aku dok naik tren, xde plak aku jumpe CEO naik tren. Usually tren is for average people like us. Top-ranking corporate people usually have their own driver so that they can go anywhere to attend the million dollar meeting.

So here you go, the top 5 for the LRT users. There's more if i could think of sbb skang perut aku lapa, mo g bekfast nasi putih ayam masak merah. Aku masak kot! Future mak mentua, bangga x ngan saye?

muka bangga kembang lodang idung

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mastermind of Merong Mahawangsa artwork

Who is this fella? Dlm dunia photog, mamat ni well-known abeh. This guy pernah join TT session in Ipoh but time tu, bru sgt aku finished my studies and not available that time. Lately, he has been the art-person which u may call for KRU's latest epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Before this, he is the mastermind for our very own astronaut's wedding photos.  Who is he, meet KukuBesi. Check out some of the artwork.

Meet the mastermind

To all the hipster yg mengaku diri as photographer, dis is how you show urself as a photographer, not just bwk kamera slr merata2 ke shopping complex, tngkap gambar and tag nama org kat fb smpai maximum limit. It is the artwork who will show the true you, not how expensive ur slr is. Check out him and his other splendid artwork at

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa - The personal review

Movie : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa / The Malay Chronicles : Bloodline
Genre : Action / Epic
Director : Yusry Abdul Halim
Language : Malay / English

Cast : Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Jing Lu, Gavin Stenhouse, Craig Robert Fong, Eric Karl Henrik Norman, Keith Chong, Keith Chong, W. Hanafi Su, Dato' Rahim Razali, Khir Rahman, Ummi Nazeera, Nell Ng, Jehan Miskin, Umi Aida, Kuswadinata, Mano Maniam, Ravi Sunderlingam

I'm not going to tell the synopsis for the movie, sbb search je kat tenet, akn timbul lambakan blog2 reviewing pasal mubi ni. Best ke x, how's the storyline, bla bla bla. So, ape yg aku cube ketengahkan kat sini, is my personal review for the movie. How was it u asked? If u asked me, i'll give 4.5 out of 5. Cant's give it full five stars yet.

Why is that? The story is ok and aku mmg tabik and kagum dgn ability of Edry KRU. The music that was composed truly sound like other epic movie: LOTR, Pirates of Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc. Well done! But, when it comes to the story, to Yusry, the effect still need to be improved. To anyone who have watched 'Puteri Gunung Ledang', you will see the difference of quality between these two movies. Even mase PGL was released pon, lom timbul lagi bab2 HD effect ni but the quality of the movie was so superb.

Right after the movie, aku ade discussed with some friends and they agreed. Mase aku tgk mubi tu, the movie was quite blur, the CGI effect still look like a CGI effect, gelap and also there were several scene yg actually ko ley nampak and said, "Ohh..diorg pakai patung sebenar nya.." 

During one scene on the sea, with all the armadas were on the way to attack the Gerudas, you can actually see prototype models of the armadas yg has been done on a pool. You also can see miniature models yg act as tentera2 on the ship. I know yg even Hollywood's epic movie pon did the same thing but they covered it so well. So for us, lom cukup cover lagi but still, can be improvised in the future. Beside PGL, it's still a babystep for our film industry to make this type of genre. I know Thailand, Hong Kong are already ahead of us, but we can still catch them up.

And congratulations to our local acts: Khir Rahman, Dato' Rahim Razali, W. Hanafi Su, Ummi Nazeera and others who were in this movie for showing that our local acts are still the best! Why i said such a thing? To the one who have watched the movie, you'll know what i'm saying. International acts in the movie, most of them berlakon agak kaku and agk terlalu mengikut skrip. But for local acts, mmg nampak diorg really go for it, especially to Khir Rahman, congrats man! For me, watak 'Kemawas' as org kanan kepada head of The Gerudas, Taji mmg paling menonjol out of others. 

But the overall story, the idea yg cuba diketengahkan mmg ok. Just the CGI effect that still need to be improved if kte nak repeat the PGL achievement once again. Im not being biased here but just a movie-lover yg bukan sekadar menonton mubi up till finish, but also look up into the techniques and also stuff that need to be improved, especially for our film industry. Sampai bile kte nak digelak oleh org luar because of kebanyakan our movie yg mcm sampah?

Anyway, congrats to KRU for making history once again in the Msian film industry and showing to others yg we're not just a crap romantic comedy movie-maker but also an epic movie-maker. It was truly a good effort.

Waiting for KRU next masterpiece..

Karak: Laluan Puaka - Remember our old urban legend pasal the yellow Volkswagen yg slalu kacau driver on the highway? Well it's back! And cant wait for it!Check out the trailer. Enjoy!
Seems this one will be different sket from other cliche seram movie, well, we just have to wait and see then..This movie will released on 26th May 2011=)

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