Monday, March 7, 2011


Yes, aku rase habuk sudah memenuhi blog aku nih. Am having writer's block recently, and add up with exhaustion from course training last week, menambahkan lagi kebarangkalian utk tidak meng'update' blog. Ala, blog xramai follower, so no pressure to update daily da skang. Xdehal pon follower xramai, so aku ley bersenang lenang nk tulis post bile2 mase aku suke. No pressure~

For today, still having a little bit of writer's block but am trying to write one. Had a BOSIET last week and what's BOSIET actually? Its stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training. Yerp that's right folks, in anytime, especially when job is calling, i'll be in the middle of the sea portraying like the scene of Titanic. If only ade guys who look like Leo Caprio.Hehehe. Its a 3 days of training that fill with fire-fighting, underwater escape and sea survival training.

The most 'favourite' activity out of all? Of course the underwater escape. The most popular and well know activity by the trainees. What it will do is u will buckle to your seat, and then take a deep breath and prepare to be capsized underwater. You'll need to unbuckle the seatbelt and escape from the helicopter underwater, through the window. Check out the video during my training, pssst...i was on the left side of the video, with the yellow helmet..=D

Nk tnya whether aku ade tertelan air ke x during this capsized aktivit, tipu la kalu aku ckp x kan. Aku rase nk dkt segelas penuh air gak tertelan nye. Air masuk dlm tlinga pon nk dkt sebaldi. So its a normal thing la bile jadi ikan duyung ni kan. But anyway, it was fun and kalu someone tnya whether will i do it again, I will. Check out some of the pics.


  1. jadik ikan duyung or jadik dugong? haha

  2. mesti ar dugong..hahaha..kalu aku pro brenang, bru qualify jadi duyung!hehehe


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