Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear, The Hipster

Have you ever been a hipster? It is truly a subjective matter to discuss. Why? Banyak maksud hipster ni sebenar nye. Kalu look into the wikipedia,  bnyak definition yg diberi. But referring to our time, aku rase hipster lebey sesuai dgn definition of scenester, which is a person who tries very hard to fit the stereotype of a certain scene. And aku sndri not ashamed admitting im one of it.

Yes, that's right people, i considered myself a hipster but speficically on the gadget part. I'm a gadget freak and like to update with what's new in the gadget world. Guess what? Blackberry Apollo is coming to town and also Iphone5. For all the gadget freaks, do prepare yourself mentally and physically before menyertai rusuhan serbuan kedai gadget. Hahaha.

Iphone5 (Mungkinkah?)

Blackberry Apollo via

As usual, aku akn bebel mende yg xberkait dgn entri and after that bru back to main points. Hahaha.Wat to do kan? So for my entri today, just want to share with you several of the hipster trend from past and also the current trend. Shall we?

1. Photography & DSLR
Mase aku berjinak2 dgn dunia photog, belum ramai lg posers2 berkeliaran mmbawa kamera DSLR ke shopping complex and bercamwhore bagai nak rak, smbil mengakui diri sndri sbg photographer termantap. Skang? You can see it for yourself. Amek gmbar bagaikan boleh diambil dgn kamera telefon, upload in FB and tag people sebanyak mungkin mengharapkan pujian.

Kalu kte tgk 2-3 tahun yg lepas, terdapat lambakan blog2 kat tenet. From blog sharing information, until la blog 'membuka pekung di dada' hingga nk tido, gosok gigi pon di share kan dlm entri. Aku nak wat pasni, nk wat caption, 'Malas nye nak berak rini'. hahahah. Skang masih ade yg berblogging but xsehavoc mcm dulu la...mungkin sebab...

3. Blackberry
Mungkin sbb blackberry kah? Lebey senang update status di FB thru BB. All the infos that u want to share just at the tips of your fingers. Compare Iphone users ngan BB users, majoriti is BB users becoz of the BBM. Lagipon BB ade pilihan yg lebey cheaper for someone yg agak low budget but want to get smartphone compared to Iphone. But skang, trend tu da bukan hipster sgt da sbb skang BB da mcm nokia sbb bnyak plan murah from telco company

4.Aktiviti Berbasikal
Haaa...current trend right now. Aktiviti berbasikal. Anywhere u go, pasti akn nampak segerombolan manusia mengayuh basikal ala2 filem Sembilu mari. Yes, aktiviti yg sihat but how long it will last agak2 yer? Pasni aktiviti kayak plak ke?

5. Fashion
When it comes to fashion, bnyak trend was set up by these hipster. Ray ban and retro sunglasses, fedora, gprahic shirt, vest, etc. Kalu dulu, wearing this accessories, mmg kena gelak ngan kawan2 ar sbb u are making a fool out of yourself. Remember Kanye West sunglasses? Xsangka that thing pon ley jadi trend padahal xde fungsi pon aku rase.Hahaha.

Kanye West glasses via agentbree.files.wordpress

Ade lagi trend2 yg set up by these hipster but jam menunjukkan pukul 7 dan sudah sampei masa utk guer pulang dulu..Babai!Later smbung with part II..=D

This entri is not meant to offend anyone, just a sharing info entries and flashing back of what we have done before. Peace...

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