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Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa - The personal review

Movie : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa / The Malay Chronicles : Bloodline
Genre : Action / Epic
Director : Yusry Abdul Halim
Language : Malay / English

Cast : Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Jing Lu, Gavin Stenhouse, Craig Robert Fong, Eric Karl Henrik Norman, Keith Chong, Keith Chong, W. Hanafi Su, Dato' Rahim Razali, Khir Rahman, Ummi Nazeera, Nell Ng, Jehan Miskin, Umi Aida, Kuswadinata, Mano Maniam, Ravi Sunderlingam

I'm not going to tell the synopsis for the movie, sbb search je kat tenet, akn timbul lambakan blog2 reviewing pasal mubi ni. Best ke x, how's the storyline, bla bla bla. So, ape yg aku cube ketengahkan kat sini, is my personal review for the movie. How was it u asked? If u asked me, i'll give 4.5 out of 5. Cant's give it full five stars yet.

Why is that? The story is ok and aku mmg tabik and kagum dgn ability of Edry KRU. The music that was composed truly sound like other epic movie: LOTR, Pirates of Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc. Well done! But, when it comes to the story, to Yusry, the effect still need to be improved. To anyone who have watched 'Puteri Gunung Ledang', you will see the difference of quality between these two movies. Even mase PGL was released pon, lom timbul lagi bab2 HD effect ni but the quality of the movie was so superb.

Right after the movie, aku ade discussed with some friends and they agreed. Mase aku tgk mubi tu, the movie was quite blur, the CGI effect still look like a CGI effect, gelap and also there were several scene yg actually ko ley nampak and said, "Ohh..diorg pakai patung sebenar nya.." 

During one scene on the sea, with all the armadas were on the way to attack the Gerudas, you can actually see prototype models of the armadas yg has been done on a pool. You also can see miniature models yg act as tentera2 on the ship. I know yg even Hollywood's epic movie pon did the same thing but they covered it so well. So for us, lom cukup cover lagi but still, can be improvised in the future. Beside PGL, it's still a babystep for our film industry to make this type of genre. I know Thailand, Hong Kong are already ahead of us, but we can still catch them up.

And congratulations to our local acts: Khir Rahman, Dato' Rahim Razali, W. Hanafi Su, Ummi Nazeera and others who were in this movie for showing that our local acts are still the best! Why i said such a thing? To the one who have watched the movie, you'll know what i'm saying. International acts in the movie, most of them berlakon agak kaku and agk terlalu mengikut skrip. But for local acts, mmg nampak diorg really go for it, especially to Khir Rahman, congrats man! For me, watak 'Kemawas' as org kanan kepada head of The Gerudas, Taji mmg paling menonjol out of others. 

But the overall story, the idea yg cuba diketengahkan mmg ok. Just the CGI effect that still need to be improved if kte nak repeat the PGL achievement once again. Im not being biased here but just a movie-lover yg bukan sekadar menonton mubi up till finish, but also look up into the techniques and also stuff that need to be improved, especially for our film industry. Sampai bile kte nak digelak oleh org luar because of kebanyakan our movie yg mcm sampah?

Anyway, congrats to KRU for making history once again in the Msian film industry and showing to others yg we're not just a crap romantic comedy movie-maker but also an epic movie-maker. It was truly a good effort.

Waiting for KRU next masterpiece..

Karak: Laluan Puaka - Remember our old urban legend pasal the yellow Volkswagen yg slalu kacau driver on the highway? Well it's back! And cant wait for it!Check out the trailer. Enjoy!
Seems this one will be different sket from other cliche seram movie, well, we just have to wait and see then..This movie will released on 26th May 2011=)

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