Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Disaster: They need your help

Dear readers,

If u happened to see people are asking for donations for the japan disaster, please donate. Im not begging you, im not asking you to do it but if you want to make a change for the better in other people's life, i encouraged you to do so. For LRT users, akan ade people at both side of entrance and exit at Masjid Jamek line, asking for donations. How they show their appreciation for your donation, trust me, you will be touched, sebak pon ade sket.

They really2 need your help in a time like dis. Jgn la be attitude cmni, 'Ala, org laen da donate da. Nanti cukup la tu'. Trust me, you can look in their face, they are desperate for help. They have lost their homes, family ones and now they have to face another several thing which is radiations, food out-of stock and cold winter, to name a few. Kalu blackberry mampu dibeli, so why not ringankan tgn bersedekah, mmbantu org yg btol2 memerlukan.

Mane taw, in future, its us plak yg memerlukan bantuan? We'll never know kan. How do u feel if this thing happened to you?Do you realize how desperate we will be asking for help? Try to be on their shoes, and you'll know what it really feels. Here's some of the pictures of the disaster.

Before & After

Let's pray for them. Do help them, they need all the help that they can get.

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