Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minggu Perut Raksasa

Episod I: Spaghetti Meatballs
Minggu ni ley dikategorikan sebagai minggu perut raksasa. Everytime balik keje je, tibe2 appetite pleasure aku menggelodak. Mula lah ilusi2 makanan sedap rotate around my head. So pikir2 punye pikir, last2, i spoiled myself by treating a spaghetti meatballs from Secret Recipe. Never thought it was so good, maybe sbb aku agak kebuluran time tu. So mkn ape pon sedap kan. But mmg sedap lah. Lagipon aku rase org laen da rase spaghetti ni, cuma aku je bru nk try memandangkan spaghetti is not really my thing sgt.

Episod II: Dessert's Bar
Setelah sekian lame aku menghalang diri aku dr spend my money at KLCC, finally the Dessert's Bar telah mmbuatkan aku terpaksa melanggar prinsip aku. I admit, I'm a dessert person. Aku suke any types of dessert, fruit tart, egg tart, muffins, donuts, ice cream, etc. So this Dessert's Bar, btol2 menguji prinsip aku. 

This what I had:
Vanilla Banana Smoothies
Chocolate Strawberry Crepe
Grape Cheese Parfaits

Since aku lom pernah cuba Dessert's Bar ni before, so aku amek the cafe's specialty. So how was it? If u asked me, rupa nye its a sugar-free dessert and utk sweet tooth like me, might not be a favorite. I want to like it but die xde ummphh! Xde 'ummphh' effect yg mmbuatkan aku might nk try other things after this. Cukup la that one meal je. The price? Erm, its a subjective thing to say. Kalu korang rase meal less than 5 hengget is affordable then this meal is quite expensive. Like me, i feel the meal is affordable if its less than 10 hengget. So for me, it is affordable. You can try dis cafe in KLCC, second floor, opposite tu Banana Republic outlet, i think its Banana Republic.

Chocolate Strawberry Crepe- RM 9.90

Grape Cheese Parfait -RM 7.80

Vanilla Banana Smoothies - RM 8.80

Episod III: Yuzu Restaurant
3rd episode of my own Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Asal balik keje je, appetite mula la mmbesar bak raksasa.Asal nye nk go for Sakae Sushi, but xtaw plak the outlet was closed and replaced by this Japanese Restaurant, Yuzu Restaurant. My recommendation? Sesuai utk golongan yg hantu japanese food, sbb there much more than just a sushi meal. Kalu yg suke mkn sushi saje, i recommend you to go to Sushi King or Sakae Sushi. This place is not for you. And do expect the price is so different than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. For the one yg look for food satisfaction, its a place for you. 
Orange Juice - Rm 9.00

Sushi Tempura & Soba Bento Set - Rm 38

This set includes:
- Prawn Tempura
- Japanese Soba
-6 different sushi
-Tiramisu Cake
-Custard Egg

Custard Egg

Tiramisu Cake

How much of the total cost u've asked? Here's the basic summary:

Sushi Tempura & Soba Bento Set - RM 38
Orange Juice - RM 9
Service Tax (10%) - 4.70
Government Tax (6%) - 2.82

TOTAL is RM 54.50

If u asked me was it worth it, I know the price is ridiculous to some of us but for me, its worth every penny. They serve a high quality beef and sashimi which make it pricey. But for food satisfaction, as Amy Search said, mmg berbaloi! Almost forgot, where is this restaurant? Its on the top floor, next to Little Penang in KLCC. No more episod IV after this, i think, because I feel that i want to save for something bigger, that insya allah, in God's willing, I'll be surveying for this thing for 6 months before really make my move. Wish me luck!=)

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