Saturday, March 26, 2011

Suckerpunch - The Review

The poster look fantastic!The story?For me, great poster but average storyline. Why? Kalu korang expect the storyline is about of 5 hot girls are at war, you are correct but you have to least ur expectation on the war part. Yes, they are at war but what kind of war? Kalu sape yg pernah main World of Warcraft, konsep die lebey kurang cmtu. A war to get the requested item in order to achieve their freedom. My brief description?This movie is similar mcm fantasi kanak2 perempuan tapi versi ganas. 

As we all know, little girls suka sgt berfantasi. Fantasy as a princess in the fairytale land, hot woman on heels etc. So Suckerpunch ni more like that, tapi versi ganas with sword, guns, grenade, etc. What i expected from the poster was totally wrong. Aku igtkan diorg in a war to save the world, mcm The Losers ke atau game Metal Slug ke. Tapi expectation aku silap sama skali.

Crita die pasal Babydoll, the Barbie look alike yg kne anta to mental hospital by her stepfather. Kat sana, she was introduced to Dr Gorski yg supervise and treat these mental girls. While she was there, Babydoll mcm idup dlm fantasi and khayalan die sndri. In that khayalan, die being informed from an old man who came out of nowhere bgtaw certain item that she need to get in order to escape the facility.

So the war yg korang tgk dlm trailer tu, semata2 hanya fantasi these girls in order to get the item. Padahal in real world, sebenar nye bunch of 5 pmpuan gila try to steal the item dalam facility tu in order to escape themselves. Itu saja konsep cter die. Agak sucks bukan? Kire bukan diorg btol2 in a war sgt la. Tu yg mmbuatkan aku agk kecewa sket, seperti ditipu.hahaha.

Rating? Erm..disebabkn aku tertipu dgn cter ni, aku ley bg 3 out of 5 for storyline but 5 out of 5 for its cinematography. Very classic superbly maniputaled. If u asked me berbaloi ke x nk tgk mubi ni, utk storyline xberbaloi. But kalu nk tgk cinematography die, ok la kot nk tgk. Graphic die mmg sgt cantik and penuh dgn kesenian. 

Check out the trailer~

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