Friday, April 8, 2011

Which gadget are you?

After dok wat FYP pasal gadget, entri kali ni aku nk mmbincangkan pasal comparisons between gadget and how this comparison will help you to determine which gadget is more suitable for you. Let's begin shall we? Sebelum tu, kalu free time korang slalu wat ape?

Apa ade ngan blackberry?
A. Main game
B. Check FB & chatting
C. Tido kroh2
D. Baca Novel


The goods
Kalu jawapan anda A, maka Blackberry is not for you, well at least not for your satisfaction. Blackberry are more to texting, email and messaging. Bagi yg memilih jawapan B, mmg for you. Application yg best for Blackberry? BBM of course.

The flaws
Selain dr BBM, xbanyak sgt Blackberry can do. Kalu emel, messaging, kebanyakan phone skang sume ley wat mende yg same. Yg mmbezakan Blackberry ngan phone laen is BBM. Very convenience for the user to keep in touch with each other. The rest? Nothing much. Bnyak mende still kne improve lagi such as graphic interface, OS, application, etc.

The Goods
Kalu jawapan anda A & D, maka Iphone mmg sesuai wat anda. Sebab ape? Iphone mmg terkenal dgn application2 menarik for entertainment, business and even leisure. Plus, utk yg suke mmbace novel, dlm apps store, ade this application call e-reader where u can download all bahan mmbaca anda di masa lapang.
The flaws
Kebanyakan application dlm apps store kena beli. Ade yg free and ade yg kena bayar. Nk bg sume downloadable application free, kena la jailbreak. But, once korang jailbreak, warranty will be void. So paham2 la, kalu mende riban2 xde warranty, seperti kata gamers, senang nak GG. For a beginner, agak susah utk bermsg sementara dpt menyesuaikan sms using touchscreen


The goods
Similar function mcm Iphone. Cume beze nye, lebey bnyak pilihan and kebanyakan application ley didapati kat Android Market for free. No need to jailbreak. One more thing, like i said, compared to Iphone, just one single product from Apple for smartphones, Android ade bnyak pilihan like Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc. And kebanyakan similar function but at cheaper price.

The flaws
Tgk the phone gak, like HTC b3 agak kureng sket daya ketahanan nye berbanding iphone. Begitu juga tahap speed fon tu sendri. Ade yg masih lagging sedikit bile nk bukak application cmpared dgn Iphone. Secara langsung nyer, Android probably provide similar function like Iphone at cheaper price but to compete and overtake pengaruh Iphone? Maybe susah sket but it can be achieved.


The goods
Iphone versi besar. Lebey sedap mata memandang when it comes nk tgk movie or maen game. Skrin lebar and no need nk bwk laptop yg gabak merata2. Bagi yg da ade fon and not looking forward to buy another fon, Ipad is for you.

The flaws
Xde front-facing camera for video-calling, xley call, as long as korang xkesah carry it around merata2 mcm ke mamak, warung pak jabit, ok je nk purchase this baby. Sbb, lagi convenience kalu melayani tenet di kedai mkn dgn menggunakan iphone kan?Kecik, senang dibawa ke mana2.

Galaxy Tab

The goods
Ipad versi Android. Saiz lebey kecik dr Ipad but Ipad2 da make it even when it comes to size and performance. Similar function like Ipad but cheaper price
The flaws
Like i said for the phones, android still need to catch up if they want to overtake the Iphone/Ipad influence. Walupun RAM besar sket compared Ipad, tapi i got a feedback from ex-galaxy tab user that Samsung Galaxy Tab lagging bak.

Ape yg aku bincangkan ni mostly mcm the tip of an iceberg. I won't go into very detail sbb for hantu gadget, diorg taw mende ape yg diorg should look at when considering a gadget. So im just sharing with general audience that maybe need some information, so at least xde la terkapai2 bile seller tu dok gebang mcm2 dgn niat nak mock-up price. Hope this help. 

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