Monday, April 11, 2011

Precious XY Parfum commercial ads

Da lame gak aku xupdate ngan SLR aku. No subject to be captured and lagipon aku nk kasi trend hipster pakai SLR to cool down dulu. I dun want to be one of them. So far, ade lagi golongan2 hipster mmbawa SLR ke shopping complex utk bercamwhore. Nevertheless, majority of the hipster sudah meninggalkan trend SLR. So I'm back on track. Here's the latest project, doing commercial shoot for Precious XY Parfum.

Looking for more? Do check it out here and be a fan, on my Photo & Media Services. Currently, i'm looking for my next project. Do let me know if you have anything in mind.


  1. Sapa cakap... Bimbo with hot pants pun dah pandai bawak black dslr sekarang... Ekekekeke...

  2. ekekekeke..jgn pndang bimbo hot pants xde mata da pasni..ekekekeke


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