Friday, April 15, 2011

Stress week celebration

It's friday, which mean the weekdays is over. Welcome weekend!This week is not that friendly to me, kinda a stressful week. And i decided to escape myself to somewhere that i could ease my mind. But for now, just to treat myself for coping with the stress week, im buying myself a big fat waffle berry sundae from Baskin Robbin.
Sesape yg close to me, mmg well-known yg im a BIG fan of Baskin Robbins. New Zealand Natural?Haagen Das?Sori, xbape nk layan sgt. Aku suke Baskin sbb bnyak variety. Nk flava yg masam?manis?mixed fruits?sume ade. Bnyak jenis nk cuba, ice cream parfait, ice cream wafer with fruits, ice cream fondue, etc. But this time i wanna try the waffle berry sundae since aku slalu sgt amek banana split.
Aku jarang share my daily activity in here because there are some that i wanna keep it private and personal. But this time, to celebrate the end of the stress week, which i hope it wont be repeated for next week, im sharing it with you guys. 
And yes, I feel a lot better right now. Feels that all the burden has gone off from my shoulder. Next pit stop? Packing my bags to escape from this concrete jungle. See ya guys next week and till then!

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