Monday, April 4, 2011

Things to consider before gadget shopping

Recently i've become more obsesses with gadget. Ley dikatakan everyday kalu online, at least once a day mesti wat stdy and investigate on what's the latest news in the gadget world. I am eyeing for this one specific gadget but like Steve Jobs did, u have to wait for the official launch to find out what is it. (The real situation is that I still cant decide but 70% of my desire is eyeing for that thing)

For gadget freak, doing studies before buying is a safe play. Sbb ape? gadgets are quite pricy so u need to do full studies before u think berbaloi on spending ur money on it. Understanding all the gadget terminology, make u more confident with yourself that the specific gadget is for you. But for others, kalu xpaham the terminology mcm mane nk survey?Should gamble? Here's some tips before u plan to buy a gadget:

1.Ignore the brand
When aku mksd kan ignore the brand, xde la soh tgk gadget cap ayam. Mksd aku, if u're looking for laptop, prioritize on the specs rather than the brand name. Between two brand, ko ley dpt better specs and better price compared to the one yg gah pada nama saje. Same goes to smartphones, mp3, etc. Kalu compared Blackberry vs. HTC, walupun HTC xgah mane pon nama nye compared ngan BB, but in term of performance, the winner goes to HTC. Something like that.

2.Prioritize the specs
Like i said, specs paling penting skali. Xde guna bayar mahal2 riban2 tapi specs bak cap ayam. So what to know abt it?

Kalu fon:
-operating system (same mcm laptop. the latest the better. e.g, win 98 vs. win xp)
#bab OS ni kena tanya org experts, diorg lebey taw ape current OS yg bagus
-ram (speed of the fon. sakit otak kalu on emergency situation, enpon ley hang 3 jam)
-storage (penting utk menyimpan segala personal stuff, and im not talking about 3gp, ok?)
-battery life (xnak la dlm sehari 3-4 kali kne charge b3, ye dok?)
-3G? 3.5G? (bagi aku, mende ni penting. lebey laju speed tenet browsing lagi bagus)

Optional specs to look at: weight, camera and other special features.

Kalu laptop:
-operating system
-ur preference (is it for business or entertainment?)
-processor (e.g intel core duo vs intel atom)

Optional: other performance feature but ikut ur own preference: blue tooth, front camera, etc.

Even for other gadget like DLSR pon lebey kurang je, tgk specs dulu. Jgn tgk pada brand. Remember, jgn utamakan optional features than the performance.

3.Suit with your price preference
Cari gadget yg meet with ur budget. Like my case, kalu btol2 aku eyeing for that one, means that i have to wait another 2 months to get one. Level of patience? Quite low right now, hahaha. Avoid from ikat perut after purchasing ur gadget. Trust me, time ikat perut tu la, mcm2 benda yg requires cash flow out, akn jadi. Contoh terbaik? Kete wat hal.

4. Be yourself
Kalu tgk around you, pasti akn ade motivational word, 'Be yourself'. Applicable jugak when it comes to buying gadget. Jgn disebabkan ramai org pakai DSLR Sony Alpha atau Blackberry or even Ipod, kte pon kena pakai mende yg same. Lain org, laen taste. Mcm aku, when it comes to mp3, aku prefer sony product. Sound system mmg terbaik. And walupun ramai mmber2 aku pakai blackberry, but i dun feel like want to be on the same crowd sbb my preference are much more and aku xrase BB can fulfill that.
5. Tgk the optional features
Sometimes, mende ni penting. But kne tgk gak, kalu features ngarut2, abaikan saje. Bagi aku kalu fon, bluetooth, mp3, camera (pixels depend on the price. kalu arga 2k tapi pixel 1.3 je, mmg nk kena penampar gak, haha), mende tu wajib ade. Sbb nye, aku constantly update my mp3 so transfering between lappy to fon using bluetooth mmg penting. Video calling, since da keje, mende tu da jadi penting for communicate with my family later.

6. Still confuse? Bring the experts
Mcm g workshop utk servis kete, advisable to bring an expert or someone who da ade experience in this area. This is to avoid from penjual tu taking advantage nk mock up the price gile2. At least the expert taw price range for the gadget. For example, Blackberry torch is about 2k something but less than 2.5k. So kalu seller nk jual dlm 2.7k, die mmg kaki gebang.
lagi bagus kalu bwk steve jobs g carik gadget.hehe
(Dear Steve, u're my idol)

7. Keep studying and do research (a friendly reminder rather than tips)
Selagi lom beli, advisable to keep continuing your research. At least ko taw price range bape skang, latest features and performance specifications, and also the most important skali, review from the user itself. Diorg pakai, and diorg saje yg taw the real feeling of being the user of that gadget. It's important because ko xkn repeat the same mistakes and waste your money if ko rase x worth it. Example?One of problem with HTC phones is that battery xtahan lama. How do i know this? Comment from the user itself.

So again, here's the tips in brief description:
1.Ignore the brand
2.Prioritize the specs
3.Suit with your price preference
4.Be yourself
5.Tgk the optional features gak
6.Bring the experts
7.Keep your research going on - a friendly reminder, rather than tips

All set?Happy shopping!=D

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