Sunday, April 10, 2011

To be married with your phone or not to be..

The question that has been going around in your head especially after u bought a gadget or almost nk beli menatang tu, is that, which one is better..with contract or without contract? It is a subjective question if u asked me because it depends on each people nye preference.

The goods
- Ley bayar installment per month
-Ley dpt enpon idaman dlm mase yg singkat tanpa perlu menunggu beberapa bulan mengumpul duit nk cukup kan budget sepenuhnye
-Deal with authorized dealer
-Ade installment options & selection yg can meet with your budget
-Kalu ade offer, korang ley dpt casing worth about RM 100-200 for free. Depend which fon korang amek. Dpt gak la save budget for the accessories after bayar for the device itself

The flaws
- In long term period, akn rase suatu perasaan of being control and stuck because korang have to commit to the contract and pay certain amount every month
-Ley nk terminate contract, but have to pay certain amount. Like maxis, kena pay 500 hengget to terminate
-The longer the commitment, the cheaper you have to pay. Tapi sanggupkah bertahan until 2  tahun? Even Iphone pun produce product baru every year. Do u know how many better gadget will be produced in 2 years?
-The options that you have when choosing which contract, most likely xde memberi benefit sgt. Like Maxis, bnyak choice of contract options but mahal when it comes to data plan. Digi plak, cheaper in term of data plan but you have to commit yourself for 2 years. Digi xde contract for one year. Celcom? Mixed of both worlds of Maxis and Digi but die mostly focusing on Blackberry. 
-Kalu fon ilang kena curi, still have to pay for the monthly commitment walupun fon da xde.


The goods
- No commitment, xde korang stuck with the vows of 'till end of contract do us part'.
-You have more options in choosing data plan. For better coverage choose Maxis or Celcom but rate is quite pricy. Digi, not so pricy but coverage? Mostly good in major cities. Anyone from small town yg pakai digi and have good coverage there, do tell me. 
-Korang ade flexibility. Flexibility ape? Kalu yg ngah budget duit walupun da purchase the smartphones, ley je enjoy web browsing using Wifi. Kalu ade duit lebey sket, bru ley go ahead with data plan. Flexible in cost controlling.
-Kalu fon kena curik, no need to worry about continuing bayar monthly commitment for the fon. Carik fon baru, continue je data plan tu
-For yg slesa menggunakan prepaid and xnak commit to any billing, you're free to do so. Ley je using prepaid in a smartphones and web browsing pon pakai Wifi je la kan 
The flaws
-Nk purchase the phone tu, maybe gonna take a while sbb kalu xde contract usually kne wat full payment by cash. So mane2 smartphones yg cecah 2k and above tu, kena simpan la sket2 kan, mcm aku ni.hehehe
-Probability of beli yg bukan original part quite high. Iphone & blackberry da bnyak imitation. Beware, blackberry warna kuning, ungu dan warna pelangi yg laen agak doubtful sket tahap originality part die. Sbb yg ori kebanyakan warna black, white je.

-For yg xnak pakai data plan, you have to consider when emergency cases. Bayangkan kete ko tersadai di tengah2 jalan. Any idea kat mane nk cari wifi?unless tersadai di depan kedai mapley yg provide wifi service
-Cabaran yg besar kepada sesape yg mmpunyai low level of patience cm aku nih. Lambat siot nk kumpul kasi dpt full budget
-Harge fon x tetap, ikut kedai brape die nak letak. Kalu RRP is 2000 hengget, ade kedai letak 2100, and yg 2250.Kalu with contract, harga mmg fixed. So kena rajin bertanya dr kedai ke kedai la untk dpt best price. 

Due2 ade pros & cons and aku cube to be fair. Bagi same amount of reasons for both to avoid being biased. My personal opinion is that, for short term, commit to contract seems the best choice. But for looking in longer term, better korang simpan duit, beli terus without commit to any contract. You have much more freedom in anything you want to do with your phones. Hope this help.

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