Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are you ready for offshore life?

What do you know about offshore life? Let me guess, probably high pay, no life for 2 weeks (depend how long ur stay kat situ), working in the middle of the ocean could be one of your answers. What can i say is, physically your guesses were right. But have you ever think about that there are much more besides that?
Sounds great when you heard about working in oil&gas industry that gives u a higher pay.Whether you can survive with the life on the offshore or not, that's another story. Fresh graduates especially really eager to enter the industry and go to offshore. But did you know that most of the seniors are already tired of it and try to avoid from going there? Here's why:

1. Away from loved ones
Mostly the seniors are already married and susah sket nk g offshore sbb xnak berjauhan dgn family. For fresh grads, usually mende ni diorg xkn nampak until seminggu kat offshore, and homesick mula la dtg. As for my case, the ship lom sail away pon i've already missed my family. Sbb lom puas spending time with them, by the time diorg arrived, the next day aku da kne fly to Vietnam. 
My advice? Before g offshore, spend la mase ngan family sepuas2 nye sbb katakan you are expected to be there for 2 weeks. But because of the weather, xde transportation yg akn dtg amek korang utk anta ke onshore. So you have to extend your stay in offshore because of that. How long? Depend. Sometimes, could extend until 1-2 weeks

2. Keeping in touch
While u're in offshore, the wifi mmg provided, so easier for you to keep in touch with the family via emails. But trust me, email mmg xckup utk mengubat hati yg rindu. The best you can get there, call them using the satellite phone. Tapi...depends on the facilities at the platform/ship. 

Ade yg kne beratur to use the phone, ade yg dpt phone masing2, it depends. Kalu kena beratur, mmg masak ar. Especially time raya, mmg naik gila gak srg2 kat platfom tu.

3. Food
For non-muslim, i don't think ade masalah ngan mende ni. But for muslim and vegetarian, there's going to be a little bit of problem. For local offshore platform, the catering is diyakini halal dr segi food and cooking equipment. But for overseas, agak ragu2 dgn kebersihannya. Sbb ade possibilities cooking equipment dipakai berulang kali utk masakan yg halal dan juga x halal. Kebnyakan juga diorg serve meat than vegetables.
The solution? Bawak bekalan instant noodles sebanyak mungkin. Cm aku, sedozen gak aku bwk utk bekalan sebulan. Kalu muak makan megi, ade je mknn ringan kat sini such as roti, buah2, ais krim, etc. Blasah je yg tu.Ape susah.hahaha

4. Strong mentally and emosionally
Bagi aku, strong physically penting but ape yg lebey penting is that strong mentally and emotionally. Mentally and emotionally are two different meaning to me. Xtaw la org laen anggap same ke ape. For mentally, you have to be strong and prepare whatever come in front of you such as cuaca buruk, lanun2, tough and hazardous workplace. 
Korang kena igt, kat offshore, org ley maki hamun sesuka hati so kena prepare mentally utk tahan tlinger for that. For emotionally, did you know that bile berjauhan ngan loved ones and susah nk cari peluang utk talk to them, satu masa korang akn rase lemah semangat utk bekerja. As a friend of mine pernah pesan, once ko kat offshore, jgn pikir pasal onshore. Kalu x, hati ko akn meronta2 nk balik.

5. You are your superhero
Bile korang kat sane, xde sape akn amek berat melainkn your colleague yg dtg bersama. Ape yg diorg concern more about is the work progress, no delays and no accidents yg boley mengakibatkan delays. Sbb tu ade org pernah pesan, jaga ur health elok2 sbb bile kat offshore, korang akn keje in a shift. Xtaw la for other platform cmne but tmpt keje aku skang mmg work under shift.
So kalu keje ofis, demam je, amek MC. Kalu sini, xde HR utk korang apply leave for MC. Kalu keje 30 hari sebulan, mmg full la keje 30 hari sebulan even korang dmm. Which is why i said, you are your superhero. Take good care of yourself.

So, still considering to work in oil&gas industry? If you are up for it, go ahead. I don't stop you. But kalu dlm ati korang ade taman sket, better not. This job mmg tough physically and mentally. Kalu kuat dr segi fizikal but xtahan kena maki, xley jadi gak.=)

As my beloved dad said, money is important but it is not everything. Please consider that also.


  1. point 2..use skype or gtalk as much as u can...oh yes, plz teach ur mother to use it b4 u go..haha

    point 3..if u think sumthing like that oversea so you would never can eat you'll never know which periuk they use to cook non halal food...for me as long as i never consume non halal food and they didn't use any non halal material when they cook it, it should be ok...

  2. point 2:depends on the wifi connection there.some purposely set to be limited access to avoid slower internet connection.not all platform/ship wifi connection has the best internet connection ever.

    point 3:exactly. u have to be sure, otherwise eat instant noodles instead


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