Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast & Furious 5 Review

Korang da tgk movie ni? Fast & Furious 5? Sile la gi tgk kalu yg belum tu. Filem ni ialah filem wajib tgk untuk tahun ni. Superbly best. Berbaloi aku smpai umah lewat td after balik dr tgk mubi ni. Storyline? Best! Action stunt? pon best! So basically storyline and action stunt seiring dan sejalan. So xde la korang rase cepat boring.
Every scene is filled with action stunts and korang susah nk predict what will happen next and diorg nye next move bile conspiracy plan xjadi. Cinematography pon ok, do expect a lot of car crashing and explosion dlm movie ni. Korang kne bare in mind, aku ni not a big fan of movie yg more likely cm Fast & Furious ni. So for someone who is not a big fan of this kind of movie, tapi ckp movie ni mmg best, so mmg movie ni wajib tgk.
Aku pon xfollow sgt diorg nye previous movie, but aku masih boleh understand the movie clearly and wat was it about. I know ade sesetengah mubi tu, kte akn jadi blur sbb ia relate dgn previous movie. So mula la xtaw sape yg jahat, sape yg jadi victim. But for this movie, for anyone yg bru 1st time nk tgk Fast & Furious nye franchise, don't worry. You guys will be just fine.
Storyline die? After saving Dominic Torreto mase otw mamat tu dihantar ke high-security prison, O'connor & Torreto siblings lari ke Rio, Brazil where diorg dpt one last job to steal cars from Vince. But the plan was busted, ade pembelotan sket di situ. And happen to be tuan kete yg dicuri tu, Senor Reyes is the most powerful man in Rio, Brazil. So berlaku cat & mouse hunt between the fast 5 gang and konco2 Reyes.
Did i tell u yang the movie is funny too? Expect the humor from Roman played by Tyrese Gibson. So basically its not a total serious action movie. Bile plot da jadi tegang, die selit sikit sedikit humor, which made the movie interesting from start until the end. So aku advise, kalu yg lom tgk, g lar tgk. Mmg berbaloi duit tiket wayang anda.=)



  1. cite ni mmg best...mule2 tgk cite ni tekejut gak Han (Sung Kang) still alive sbb die da mati dlm The fast and the furious: tokyo drift...bile tgk smpi abes br paham cite ni b4 tokyo drift as Han 2 ckp die nk blk tokyo (where he died)..pusing2 mcm star wars turutan byk btul sekuel die...pasni da no 6..smpi bile nk abes da

  2. hahaha..selagi ade idea la kot.aku xfolo sgt previous mubi aku xtaw yg die mati mase tokyo drift. so ending story tu die kate die nak g tokyo kan?bru aku taw pasal info ni.hehehe


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