Monday, May 2, 2011

Fitness Club: Is it financially healthy?

Speaking about gym/fitness club, everyone will think of all the exercise equipment, where people akn eksesais to get healthy, regardless want to lose some weight or just to tone down the body. Aku pernah enrolled into a gym membership once but thankfully aku managed to escape myself from it. 

Here's some points that you might want to consider before thinking nak enroll a gym membership:

1. Commitment
Korang capable enough tak nk setia kepada gym tu for 12months/24 months, depend on which contract korang pilih. How you show ur loyalty? Ia xsama dgn kesetiaan terhadap smartphones where korang asyik berkepit ngan fon 24/7. 
When it comes to gym, paling pokai pon korang kena la dtg 2 minggu sekali. Otherwsie, rugi on ur side sbb bayar for the eksesais facilities yg u didnt use. Minimum bayar per month pon da 100 hengget. So its like korang burn duit korang cmtu je kalu x fully utilise. So, dgn workload yg semakin bertambah day by day, agak2 korang capable x nk divide sket ur time for gym?

2. Credit Card
Korang ade kredit kad? Kalu xde, sila lupakan saja untuk meneruskan r/ship anda dgn fitness club sbb diorg prefer customer with the kredit kad saje. Yes, for first month, diorg akn make it easier for u. Xkisah dgn payment method korang. But when it comes to second month, diorg akn mntk kedit kad info.
Diorg akn push korang smpai la korang kasi kredit kad info. Otherwise? Mula la kua ayat pancing...

'We cannot complete you membership application because we really require credit card information for reference.."

Its ok je nk bayar secara cash every month. But diorg prefer kredit kad info sbb korang g ke x gym, diorg tetap akn deduct from the kredit kad every month. Its more to getting you bonded with the health club for 12months/24 months, depend on the contract. For reference purpose tu, sekadar ayat pancing nk menyedapkan ati supaya korang kasi kredit kad info, tu je.

3. Personal Trainer
Once korang enrolled to a gym club, korang akn dpt 2 sesi with personal trainer. It depends on the gym club itself. Ade yg 3 sesi, ade yg 2 sesi. So after abeh sessions with PT (Personal Trainer), up to u guys nk continue pakai PT or work out on your own. But the PTs will try to persuade you to continue work out with them. 

Looking at one side, mmg bagus nk continue with PT. Diorg lebey taw our weakness & strength and which eksesais suitable with us. If target korang nk kecikan bhgian perut, kaki atau tangan, diorg lebey taw which equipment to use. But looking at the other side, if per month you have to pay 100 hengget to use the gym facilities, with PT, u have to pay a little bit more than 100 hengget per month.
4. Outstation
Bile korang outstation, kalu 2 minggu maybe ok la kan. Kalu outstation 1-2 months, confirm2 la sebulan dua gak korang xg gym. But, gym tetap akn deduct from your kredit kad (sbb tu diorg nak sgt kedit kad info) unless korang freeze your account. Mmg boley freeze tapi tgk which gym korang g. Usually diorg akn freeze kalu outstation for more than 2 months.
Then bile nk freeze, diorg require a letter from your company stated that korang mmg kena g outstation for more than 2 months. Kalu sebulan je, diorg xkan freeze ur account and tnpa rase bersalah, diorg akn deduct je. So basically, rugi on ur side sbb xpakai pon the facilities pn masih kena bayar for one full month. 

5. Termination
Selepas 6 bulan enrolled, korang rase workload makin banyak, makin slalu plak kena outstation. So,korang decided nk terminate membership. Before nk terminate, sile answer these question dulu:

a) Korang ade bg kedit kad info?
b) Korang bayar facilities per month by kredit kad?

If your answer is yes to all the question above, congrats! Korang akn stuck ngan diorg smpai contract korang abeh. Hahaha. Sbb tu diorg xnak kasi korang bayar cash every month. Nk elak dr mende ni berlaku. So kalu korang kasi kedit kad info, diorg xkn kasi korang terminate membership smpai abeh contract.
Nak x nak, korang kne la pegi gym gak walupun xsuke. Sbb kalu xg, diorg xde efek. Diorg akn tetap deduct every month from ur kredit kad. Rugi on ur side la, on their side xde pape efek pon. Even kalu wat surat pon, diorg xkn layan. Senang cter, kalu da kasi kedit kad info to them, after this mmg susah bak korang nk terminate mmbership. 
Unless korang bayar full payment untuk contract korang, bru la ley terminate pastu. Kalu x, berjanggut la nk tunggu diorg terminate.

Yes, aku pernah enrolled and time tu aku xtaw betapa bnyak nye workload mendatang, tidak dikira dgn outstation lagi. Mase mula2 masuk keje mane expect, da lame tu mula la sket2 dtg bertimbun. So lom terlambat untuk aku cancel my gym membership, alhamdulillah.
So bagi korang yg tringin nk enrolled gym, do consider these first, are u guys capable enough to commit? Kalu nk g gym gak tapi xrase ley commit to their commitment, cari apartment/kondo yg sediakan gym facilities. So bayar maintenance bulan2 pon, maintenance gym facilities akn dimasukkan sekali dlm bil, tapi xsemahal korang kne bayar every month to the gym club.
Mmg btol dgn statement korang kne invest sket la for your healthy life in the future. But nk invest pon kena tgk duit poket sndri gak. Kalu invest smpai terpaksa mkn ikan bilis goreng tiap2 ari, xjadi gak kan.=)


  1. bkn fitness first die allow korg pegi mane2 pon gym die and just show the membership card? tp kalau ke laut xdpt la nk tolong :P

  2. yerp..but nk ade membership kad, kena sign in and register. nk register, kne ade kedit kad so that easier diorg nk deduct from ur kedit kad je, btol x?


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