Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crystal Ball said: Ipad 3 Predictions

Ipad 2 baru saje released in Malaysia last 29th April. Yeah I know, compared to US, Mesia is much slower. But is it worth it to buy? Well, for me if you already got the Iphone, and you want to satisfy your eyes with larger view, you can go ahead. But if u don't have one, i suggest to wait until this June for the announcement from the man, Steve Jobs regarding Iphone5. Other than smaller screen compared to Ipad, everything is all in one device
But for this entri, i wont talk about whether berbaloi ke x purchasing Ipad 2. What i want to talk about is Ipad 2 da kua, next one will be Iphone5. And expected in the next year, Ipad 3 akn dilahirkan plak. But looking at the trend of the Apple product, aku rase cm aku nk predict what will be feature on the Ipad 3. Let's predict it, shall we?
1. Phone call feature
Currently Ipad 2 boley video calling je. With or without jailbreak, the only calls that the user can made is video calls like Face Time, Skype, etc. Compared to galaxy tab yg sudah well-known can used for phone calls jugak, Ipad 3 is expected to have those feature.
Phone call using Galaxy Tab 
2.Smaller design
Compare size between Ipad ngan Ipad 2, Ipad 2 is much thinner and lighter. So the Ipad 3 is expected to have smaller size compare to the 2nd generation. 
3. Better battery life & performance
Application makin banyak, jadi makin sikit la battery life jadi nye. So the consumer give higher expectation in a gadget to fulfill their needs on their daily life activities. With Ipad 2 using A5 chip which is better in term of speed, processor and also low power consumption, Steve Jobs and team could be come up with better one in the future, an A6 chip perhaps?
4. Camera
Kalu Ipad 2 skang pakai VGA je for front camera, the next one could have 5 Mega-pixels camera with HD feature. Since ade collaboration with Sony, the Ipad 3 could have the best Sony camera specs? Well asked the Sony CEO, he accidentally leaked the information of supplying camera for Iphone5.
5. Features
Applications from Macbook Pro such as GarageBand, iPhoto, Photo Booth, iMovie etc sudah di feature kan dlm Ipad 2. And it is still early to say that ade lagi ke feature in the Macbook that will be used for Ipad 3? As we all know, Apple mmg laju in developing software/application. So we just have to wait and see what other feature will be included in Ipad 3 yg Ipad 2 xde.
Other things that could be included could be retina display, ipad body material which is environmental friendly and if Apple still want to be ahead among the rest, especially ahead of Android, they could be using the similar feature like Android such as multi-tasking tabs, endless personalization, free applications and etc.

Why i can predict the features for Ipad 3? Korang kne bare in mind. Steve Jobs is a smart guy, seriously. Like Iphone5, die pandai manipulate the scene to make people in dilemma whether to wait for the next generation of Apple product or beli the current product and nyesal kemudian after seeing the launching of the next generation. 
Same goes to Ipad 3, if ade rumor mengatakan Ipad 3 akn ade feature for making phone calls, people yg purchase Ipad 2, akn rase the next generation lebey berbaloi dr previous one.Same goes to Iphone, Ipod, Macbook. Kalu compare the newer generation to the previous one, you can see the difference between generation sket saje. But what kind of difference in term of feature & specs yg can make people to be in dilemma.
Hey, what can u say about it. It's Apple kot. Otherwise, mcm mane diorg ley bertahan until now? Even Nokia pon da makin jatuh skang, compared to zaman kegemilangan 3310 dulu. =)

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