Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor Movie Review

Have u guys watched Thor?Thor ialah one of the several movie yg ditunggu2 oleh kaki wayang selain dari Fast & Furious 5. I managed to watch both of the movies within 2 days. Fnf 5 on thursday nite, while Thor is a night after. Aku dengar several reviews pasal Thor. Ade ckp movie wajib tgk, ade yg ckp tak best, storyline mendatar. So aku decided to check it out.
The verdict? Both reviews are correct, depend which one is your preference.If korang give high expectation on the storyline mcm LOTR, Clash of Titans, maybe u guys have to lower a bit. Sbb cter die agak predictable sket. One is looking forward for the throne, the other one is being two-faced and traitor. Slalu nye, yg watak yg passive and pendiam slalu expected to be the traitor.
But, kalu korang tgk on character development throughout the movie, this movie mmg best with the help of awesome CGI effect. Sumpah awesome effect die. Every character dikembangkan dgn begitu baik skali. Kte amek the lead character, Thor for example. Starting with a man who full with anger and cold-hearted, he was developed into a better person. Same goes to the antagonist and supporting roles.

So its your choice to decide. Which one is your preference? Personally for me, the movie mmg best, but still cannot compete with Fast & Furious 5. FnF 5 storyline is smoother in terms of setting up the plot. At first, aku terlupe sejenak yg aku watching a movie yg relate to Marvel comic character sbb the costume and set up seems like a sci-fiction movie.
Is it worth it? For anyone yg da tgk Fnf 5, yes, you guys should go and see it. Kalu lom tgk, better tgk that one first and bru proceed with Thor.

Storyline:Thor was exiled to earth by his father, Odin after attacking Asgard's ally, Jotunheim without Odin's permission. He also took out Thor's power and his hammer back. Thor has to figure out how to cope with his life on earth, how to get back to Asgard and how to obtain his hammer back while Asgard is under attack during his exilation.

(4 out of 5)

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