Thursday, June 2, 2011

Basic Travel Tips:Ho Chi Minh City

Aku boleh dikategorikan masih baru and tak cukup knowledge utk share ngan korang my travel experience while i was in Vietnam. But I do have several tips could help you guys be aware so that korang xkan senang2 kena tipu or bayar lebeh for something cheap.

1. Bile korang landed in southern Vietnam mcm Ho Chi Minh, bile korang amek taxi, do look for Vinasun Taxi or Mai Linh taxi. Other than that, please avoid. Sbb taxi kampeni yg laen ade yg xpakai meter, so bile smpai ke destinasi dituju, die men hentam ikut letak price brape die nak. Ade plak yg pakai meter tapi diorg percepatkan rate meter tiga kali ganda. 
Ade plak yg cube scam these honest taxi kampeni ni mcm Vinasum, Vinason,  Vinamet instead of Vinasun or Mei Linh, Mai Lin instead of Mai Linh. Kalu xjumpe the honest taxi, korang kena jalan ke depan sket. Sbb slalu nye these dishonest taxi kampeni akn conquer depan entrance airport or ferry station.

2. Tempat yg best shopping? For now, try Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh or Ba Cu Street in Vung Tau. Aku pon xsempat nk sightseeing tempat laen sbb as first time traveller and alone, aku did felt awkward and tmbah plak aku ade prb nk withdraw the money in overseas, so nk g sightseeing tmpat laen pon agak limited. Well, my mistake jugak. For a first timer, aku pon xtaw yg walupun ur card has a Visa logo, u still kne inform the local banks that you will travel to overseas. 
3. Kalu korang nk naek ferry from HCMC and off to somewhere, like me, i was off to Vung Tau, please be careful with your luggage. Bile ade someone nk tolong bawak luggage korang from ferry station counter to the ferry, make sure your luggage with you. Sbb at first, korang akn igt diorg are just one of the workers there and just want to help the passenger with the luggage. Wrong..lepas diorg put ur bags dlm storage, diorg akn ask for your money, about 2 USD (RM 6) walupun korang xrequest pon diorg nye help. 

4.Bile korang nk shopping, especially dgn barang2 yg xde tanda harga, ade method cmne nk bargain. Like i said, for a first timer, my first method didnt work so i have to pay full price. But it did work bile aku change to second method. The first method was u tried to bargain with lower price with the seller, but it didnt work. 
It turned out upe nye the right method to provoke them was try to walk away even korang rase korang mampu nk bayar..Korang xley bargain to lower the price on the spot. Diorg akn panggil balik sambil give better offer, tapi kalu korang rase masih xcukup baik, walk away lagi. Repeat it smpai korang rase puas hati atau die da stop offering.

5. Bile korang nk leave HCMC and go to airport by taxi, make sure korang gtaw the driver tu, specifically go to international airport kalu korang nk balik Mesia. Sbb kalu korang xmention, die akn anta korang to domestic airport and end up kena walk about 600m. Kalu korang late for boarding, mmg gg. And it is advisable to wrap ur luggage or lock it before check in, just for your safety. 
Bape rate duit kte kalu nk convert to Vietnamese Dong?

RM 1 = 6,790.33 VND
RM 100 = 679,032 VND
RM 147.268 = 1 Million VND

Oh ye, one more thing. Do convert to Vietnamese Dong (VND) rather than USD sbb usually diorg prefer pakai Dong for business. Except for airport, mmg diorg pakai USD. Even ferry station pon prefer pakai VND. Ferry is about 10 USD to Vung Tau, which equivalent to about 200,000 VND.

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