Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gaga Oh La La

Dulu, aku admit mmg aku fan minah ni. Suke sgt dgr lagu die, time die considered masih normal ar.Makin lame, makin pelik da aku tgk. And you called urself as creative? This is beyond than creativity of normal human being. This is more likely cm mental problems da. Xde makna a guy can suck your creativity through ur vagina, Gaga.

Ketika Gaga was considered masih normal..

Then operasi pengurangan kain baju bermula..

Not to forget her fashion trend yg could kill us..

So what's next for her? Her music pon da xfresh, more likely the same tune. Just her weird fashion je yg masih make her outshine the others. Let's hope that kte xnmpak someone normal wear this in public, otherwise i'm the first person to upload in FB. hahaha!

I know fashion is universal. But you have to bare in mind, everything has a limit. When everything is mentioned, it means fashion pon termasuk jugak. I cant believe i'm saying this but i do missed zaman Gaga's Just Dance.

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