Monday, June 13, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

Finally! Walupun lmbat 2 minggu (kalu xsilap), dpt gak peluang utk tgk cter ni. Punya la payah nk cari available slot utk mubi ni. Walupun ade slot utk cter laen cm KL Gangster, tapi aku tetapkan pendirian aku nk tgk kecomelan perut Po gak and walupun dpt seat dpn, ternyata mmg berbaloi. Nk try tgk mubi ni in 3D plak, cm besh. Ade sape2 nk join skali meramaikan keadaan?
The good points:
  • Truly twice the awesomeness! Jack Black mmg awesome! Jenis sempoi2 ikut kepala sndri je. Tgk je la School of Rock, slamber badak die je. Mksd aku Jack Black mcm represent Po as himself but in animation world. Without dialog, Po's body language saje pon da funny.
  • Storyline, as usual mmg klakar. Po as usual, sengal gile. Skrip mmg poyo abeh but in a funnier kind of way. My favorite quote in the mubi? A lot! Tapi aku kasi my top 5 peberet:
    i: "I am Po and I'm gonna need a hat"
    ii: "My fist hunger for justice [stomach growls], that's the sound of my fist"
    iii: "Ah, my old enemy...stairs"
    iv: "How can kung fu stop something that can stop kung fu?"
    v: "Tigress: Where's Po; Mantis: How can we lose a guy that big?"
  • Graphic yg sgt superb. Xtgk 3D pon da rase cm tgk 3D
The not so good point:
  • Kurang penampilan Master Shifu compare the first movie. Its more likely cm cameo appearance je
  • Kurang pengembangan watak2 laen cm Furious Five. Movie ni more tertumpu tu pengembangan watak Po, Lord Shen and ade skit utk Papa Duck (Mr.Ping)
  • Scene2 flashback Po's past history, agak menghilangkan lawak die for a while.Rase sian pon ade sbb die comel.hehe

But not to worry, cter die masih kelakar. Dis time, Po is battling with his past history where he really wants to know where does he come from sbb for some odd reason, die baru sedar Papa Duck (Mr. Ping) bukan his real father. 
Mr.Ping yg innocent
Hahaha. Obviously not kot, but what to say, itu kekuatan Po, kesengalan die is the key of awesomeness in the movie. Kali ni Po have to defeat Lord Shen, si merak yg ingin conquer China and also his past in order to achieve his inner peace.
Tmbah dgn dialog yg awesome lagi poyo, xrugi korang spend duit utk tgk mubi ni. Agk touchy la bile aku tgk Papa Duck kali ni agak mementingkan Po dari noodles die. Hahaha. And you guys get the chance to see Po mase baby..comel gile! 
My recommendation, it a movie that you cant missed. Tak berbaloi nk tunggu smpai kua dlm DVD/CD. Aku nk try tgk 3D nye version sbb 2D nye mubi pon da mmg awesome graphic die. Kalu watak laen dikembangkan lagi, mungkin lebey menarik and aku maybe kasi full rating utk mubi ni.


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