Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things you need to know about Iphone

Yes, aku akui terlambat sgt la aku nk share pasal ni sbb Iphone 4 da released like July last year. So for the one yg masih consider to buy this kiddo, this entri is for u guys. Here's some of things that you need to know about it. It can help you to make the decision, especially kalu stuck between Iphone vs Android. Hope this helps!

1. Itunes
Any applications such as games, navigation, music, etc sume kena donload thru iTunes. I repeat, sume apps.Tak mcm Android where its an open source. Bukak je android market kat tenet, pilih je any apps yg korang nak. Cm Apple, korang kena donload Itunes from Apple website sebelum nk donload ape2. Kalu x, sia2 je korang beli Iphone.
2. Apps Store
Kalu dlm Android Market, kebanyakan apps adalah FREE. Ade gak yg berbayar tapi mostly are FREE. Same goes to Apps Store, cuma terbalik. Kebanyakan paid apps, yg free pon ade tapi sikit je. Sikit tu, xde lah cam out of 350k apps, dlm 10 je yg free. Hahaha. Much more than that la. Aku pon xabeh explore lagi nih until now.
3. Jailbreak
Istilah 'Jailbreak' or JB, bukan Justin Bieber yer, amat la popular di kalangan pengguna Iphone. Faedah JB? Even apps yg berbayar pon korang ley donload for free2 je. Keburukan die? Kalu beli from authorized dealer cm Celcom, Maxis & Digi, warranty will be void. Kalu korang beli kat kedai yg bukan authorized dealer, ade risiko Iphone korang beli tu bukan original, senang cter risiko kena tipu la. Tapi diorg mmg jual Iphone yg Jailbreak ready-made.
4. USB Cable
Kalu fon aku yg dulu, xbnyak maintenance sgt. Stakat charger nk recharge battery and usb cable nk transfer lagu/gmbar2. Tapi kalu Iphone, usb cable adelah nyawa korang. Sbb ape? Nk donload ape2 from itunes, required usb cable yg specifically designed for Iphone. 
Even nk charge b3 pon, korang nampak b3 adapter kat picture above? Kalu korang balik kampung, tetibe tertinggal usb cable di umah, mmg pas korang balik dr kampung bru boley dpt recharge b3. Sbb usb cable tu gak yg boleh menyambungkan korang nye fon ngan b3 adapter. So don't misplaced or ilangkan yer.. Sbb ape? Check out #5

5. Accessories
Sbb nye, accessories Apple mahal. Kalu beli kedai biasa, mungkin murah. Tapi kalu beli kat Machine, even aku tgk ritu casing kosong for Iphone 4 pon da nak cecah 2rat. Just usya Apple Store Malaysia and korang tgk la price for each stuff tu brape. So not advisable la kalu korang letak adapter merata2. Ni price for b3 adapter kalu korang kena ganti beli baru. 'Tersgt murah' kan for that small thing. Hahaha.
But if you asked me, it is more to your personal preference. Ade yg suke bereksperimen dgn fon sndri, therefore it is advisable to own an Android. Cm Iphone, it is more to make ur life convenient without caring much about experimenting and personalizing your phone. Seriously, bnyak apps dlm Apps Store yg sungguh memudahkan idup korang. 
Contoh nye? Waze Navigation, amat penting bile korang tgh drive. Aku xtaw GPS navigation laen cmne but bile kat depan ade jam, about 400m ahead die da inform awal2 ade jam and reason nape jam. Android pon ade Waze ni. 

Anyway, ape yg aku share dgn korang are the stuff yg aku baru taw after aku secara rasmi nye menjadi follower Steve Jobs. Hope ia membantu korang wat decision. Aku xcondem sbb sume org taw betapa awesome Iphone ni, cuma bile battle with Android, the real brand wars begin. Each of the phones ade goods and flaws, u just have to know whether u can tolerate with it or not.

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