Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ingat model je ade portfolio?

Lame gak aku xmenjengah blog aku ni. Well, what can i say, drama da berkurangan. So less talk la. Hahaha. Pretty busy lately. Dgn keje and projek aku bru dpt ni, cmpur my social life, so makin jarang aku nk update dlm blog. For you guys yg didnt know, aku wat part time blog design, photography, photo manipulation, and also graphic design sket2 such as event posters, logo design. So currently i'm designing a logo for dis small business company at the moment. They sell macaron by the way. Bru started the business. Nnti aku kasi the detail abt them.

Here's some of my artwork so far (promote siot!sbb aku xde idea nk tuleh ape tapi tgn gatal nk tulis gak):


Photo Manipulation

Blog Design

Event Posters
Posters akn aku update later. Watermark lom wat lagi. Hehehe.

To tell you the truth, aku rindu these moments. Beside blog design, aku da lame xwat keje2 ni. The project that i've got is the first task i got for this year. Photography, photo manipulation da lama xwat. Rindu gile. So for u guys yg ade project come up into ur mind, let me know okay? Looking for new project or photo shoot to do or photo to manipulate..=)

Am creating a new logo and new name for my own freelancing service. And fyi, aku da stop wat wedding photography. Penat!=D

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