Monday, September 12, 2011

Disturbing memories of 9/11

Warning: Disturbing Graphic Image Ahead. Viewer discretion advised.

Walupun sehari lewat, but its not too late to talk about the 9/11 tragedy. Let's not be typical meleis yg keep thinking this is about US conspiracy to make Islam look bad. For a while, let's look this tragedy into humanity perspective. It's a heartbreaking to see people were given options on how they will end their life. Stay in the building and waiting for it to collapse? Or jump out from the building and smash to the ground like watermelon?
What's left after the jump from the tower

Last night was a marathon full with flashing back of the 9/11 tragedy. Starting dr Bush's interview sampai la last phone calls from the tower. Episod phone calls from the tower mmg heartbreaking. Ade yg struggle to contact loved ones to wish their goodbyes sbb like malam hari raya, the phone line was so busy. Ade yg berjanji akn call back once they are safe but xde panggilan telah dibuat.
One of the 9/11 memory yg aku masih igt is 'The Falling Man'. The identity remain a mystery, although ade kabar angin mengatakan he looks like Noberto Hernandez, tapi after several pengecaman, Hernandez family mengesahkan pemilik title 'The Falling Man' is not him. About 200 people jumped to their death that day.
Several reasons nape these people amek the horrific decision:
  • Kepulan asap yg tebal dan bahang dr api yg terhasil from the plane crash, membuatkan mangsa2 susah nak bernafas.
  • Ade sumber mengatakan salah satu reason nape ramai terperangkap is kemudahan interchange lif telah rosak and laluan tangga juga da diliputi dgn api. (Interchange lif sistem eyh? Bukan KLCC pon cmtu ke, hmmm..)
Memandangkan between floor 75 to 88 was hit, the luck were too bad for the victims yg stuck at level 89 and above. Some cube escape to the rooftop and hoping for the helicopter escape. Tapi door was locked and dengan kepulan asap yg tebal, menyusahkan operasi menyelamat. So diorg ended up to remain  at empty conference room and waiting for the building to collapse. Bagi yg xsanggup mati di hempap bangunan, tiada cara laen melainkan terjun.

Blood is everywhere at the tower exit. Oh the red one? Were the jumpers after the impact

It has been 10 years of the tragedy~

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