Monday, September 19, 2011

'Johnny English: Reborn' Movie Review

Some of you may heard from your friends about these movie. Bagi yg lom tgk, sile lagi pegi tgk. Kalu x rugi. Yes folks, this movie is hilarious!Mmg xhenti2 gelak dlm wayang tu. Continous jokes and silly behavior from our Johnny English. Kalu nak taw lawak mcm mane, let me put up in a easier way. This movie ni mcm english version of movie Antu Kak Limah.
Compared to the first, this one is much better. Way much better. Kesengalan Johnny English yg terlampau mmg mmbuatkan aku geleng kepala. Sumpah sengal. Storyline die tersusun rapi. Cuma at the beginning tu aku agak confuse sket, sape nak bunuh sape sebenar nye, and what's the conspiracy. But later tu, aku ley get along with the story.
To the one yg xsuke lawak sengal, advisable not to watch this movie. Sbb level kesengalan dlm movie ni cukup lah tinggi. How sengal? Kalu helicopter follow jalan highway and roundabout like other cars on the road just because sesat jalan ke hospital tidak dianggap kelakar, sila jgn tgk mubi ini. Aku xtaw bape kali aku geleng kepala because of his silliness. Especially the his final battle with makcik cleaner mase ending movie tu. Mmg epic!
Speaking of makcik cleaner. Watak makcik tu sememang nye terbaik. Nampak cm typical makcik cleaner, tapi weapon2 yg die ade, kalah James Bond. Cool gile. There are too many funny moments in the movie. His past history during his task in Mozambique yg telah mmbuatkan gelaran 'Sir' dilucutkan dari nye that was my favorite.
Action stunts and the rest sume mmg typical hollywood la. Nothing much i can say about that. Movie ni mostly disokong oleh the humor and kesengalan watak Johnny English. Yg laen, biasa saje. Cume storyline ade la twist2 sket, watak talam due muke tu mmg stended wajib ade dlm mubi genre cmni. Mmg xrugi kalu nk g tgk mubi ni. Simply worth it.

Rating: Aku kasi 5/5 just because for the humor.

Legendary quote:
"It's not Susan, it's pronounced as Shooshan..." - Johnny English

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