Friday, September 23, 2011

Watami Japanese Restaurant: The Review

4 days ago, my head keep deciding where to have my dinner. Memandangkan ofis aku quite dkat ngan Parkson Pavilion, so da banyak kali aku lalu dpn Watami, the japanese restaurant.

Tapi tgk interior design die, it could be expensive like Yuzu's Restaurant. Tapi finally aku xley resist it and headed up to the restaurant. Here's what i discovered:

1. The service
Really friendly staff and you will feel like they treating you like royal. Feels like you're in Japan pon ade gak. One time, aku took quite a while nk pilih the food and drink. Aku interested with this drink Cassis Orange tapi aku xtaw what's in it. The waiter siap pegi dapur tanya the chef and came back to tell me that the mixture are between orange, soda and grapefruit.
2. The menu
The menu mmg akn mmbuatkan mata ko rambang. Aku amek mase 10-15 mins untuk decide what to eat. Smpai waiter soh aku order drink dulu tapi still, can't decide on the drink. There were so many variety for the food and drink. Even better than Sushi King.

Some of the menu

3. The Price
The price you might asked? I had the same thought before i went into the restaurant. Suprisingly, it's cheaper than Yuzu's and even cheaper than TGI. Die nye average price like Secret Recipe, i guess. Which is between 10-50 hengget per meal. Yg 50 hengget tu mmg big portion la, yg jenis ala2 cm buffet tu. Yg 1 pax plate tu is between 10-20hengget per meal saje. 

So this is what i order:
Mango lemonade - RM 8.90

Creme Brulee - RM 8.90

Beef Pepper Rice - RM 17.90

Aonegi Gyuniku (satay daging berisi daun bawang) - RM 10.90

So the total: 

My review:

  • Mase aku nak bayar tu, aku da spare my debit kad sbb expected the price to be about 80-90 hengget based from the amount of plates i order. Tgk2 50 hengget for all the plates. Aku makan kat yuzu's xbnyak mcm ni pon lebey kurang price die.. =_=
  • Korang pernah pergi restoran Pepper Lunch? The concept for the beef pepper rice is lebey kurang same je dgn konsep Pepper Lunch. Die letak pot dpn ko, ko goreng sendri sementara masih panas. But aku xprefer sgt konsep ni sbb da due kali aku makan, due2 rase salty even though aku xtambah any salt or soy sauce
My recommendation:
Bagi aku, kalu korang pentingkan satisfaction and don't mind to pay just a little bit more, mmg berbaloi to try. Kalu tgh tight bajet tapi nk makan makanan jepun, better not la. Kang lari bajet plak. Hehehe. 

With the friendly service, so much variety and interesting food and drinks to choose, why not just pay a little bit more kan? Like bapak aku ckp, bab makanan jgn terlalu berkira sementara rezeki masih ada. 

Tapi tgk la keadaan, kalu ngah sengkek, kena la berkira jugak kan. X gitu? 

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