Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple: Life after Steve

In loving memory of Steve Jobs by Apple

So, lom terlambat utk aku wish takziah tu Steve Jobs nye family for his departure. Yes i know, da lama aku xbukak blog. Not because aku xde idea nk tuleh ape tapi aku skang da kembali ke kehidupan laut. Happen to be sever kapal block fb ngan blogspot. Cam gampang.

Anyway, yes, aku pon terkejut gak. Aku started my day dgn senyuman dgn kehadiran suatu sms yg cukup sweet yg telah mmbuatkan aku tersengeh sorang2 dlm bilek. Tapi once aku bukak fb thru the phone, terus melompat dr katil. Steve is dead? Is it a hoax? Seriously? Then aku took quite a time investigate and it turned out the news was true. Aku seriously terkejut and terkedu seketika. Took sometimes nak get my butt of from the bed.

Anyway, selain dr prasaan yg agak down dgn berita kematian Steve, one thing aku terpikir. Ape yg akn terjadi pada Apple selepas Steve? Would it be the same again?
  • Kehilangan steve is semasa Apple tgh on top. Bukan saje pisang, tapi apple mungkin akn berbuah dua kali. Kali pertama steve meninggalkan apple sbb perebutan kuasa di antara board of directors. Steve bukak NeXT computers and apple mengalami zaman malap. Apple came back on top bile NeXT computers dibeli and steve back in Apple. Mungkin apple akn mengalami zaman malap kali kedua?
  • Paling bnyak perubahan is on iPhone 4. Compared to iPhone 3gs, 4th generation is much better. So much improvement smpai it seems 4s mcm worthless. Seriously, xde ape yg interesting sgt with 4s beside dual-core and 8MP camera. There rest are almost the same. What's wrong with Apple yg cukup sinonim dgn awesome innovation?
And you also can see mase Tim Cook first appearance for 4s released, his charisma tak same dgn Steve. With steve, people tend to give their focus 110% to every single word that came out from his mouth. But with Tim, halfway people da start rase bored and keep asking, bile interesting part nk show up. But, it's still early to make any judgement. Let's give him a chance and let's see what he will bring up for the iPhone 5.

Some interesting fact for your about Steve:
  • in 1986, Steve beli Pixar but he almost went broke for purchasing the company smpai la Disney bought pixar and produced several memorable movies: Toy Story, A Bug's Life 
  • he is a complete perfectionist.
  • apple considered as the cheapest computer u can get at computer store during on the late 70s. but now? hehehe
  • die xmakan meat but he's not a vegetarian. he just eat fish.
  • forbes considered him as one of the toughest boss in 1993
His great achievement by bringing Apple on top is truly an inspiration for me. RIP Steve, thank you for everything that you have shared with us through the years. Thank you for all the amazing stuff you brought to us. You will be missed. 

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