Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kisah Seorang Wanita Yg Alergik Pada Air

Have you ever think cmne korang nk survive hidup korang kalu diberi dugaan alergik pada air? Gulp! Kalu aku, mampuih kering da. Org ckp org boley hidup 3 hari tnpa makanan tapi wont survive even a day without water. Here's a weird case of Michaela Dutton yg mempunyai alergik terhadap air.
Michaela claimed that die sikit pon xley kena air. Not even setitis. Kulit die akn gatal2 tahap extreme hingga kemerah-merahan bile kena air. Die xley touch or even drink water. So how did she survived until now? That would be the first question in your mind kan? Another weird thing is, die xley minum air because of her allergy but die minum Diet Coke as her drinks. Say whuttt?

Even peluh mahupun air mata anak die pon die xley sentuh. Doktor ckp Michaela mengalami sejenis penyakit,  Aquagenic Urticaria. So for some odd reason, these people yg ade allergy cmni, can tolerate with Diet Coke. Cmne die keep herself clean? Gaya P.Ramlee I supposed. Die mandi for 10seconds and quickly lap air2 yg membasahi badan die.
Social life Michaela pon terhad untuk mengelakkan dr terperangkap dlm ujan. Even kawan2 Michaela pon prefer to stay away from her since they thought the disorder is contagious. She will try to stay at home to avoid from sweating since sweat is one of the water source. At the moment, takde treatment for this disorder selain nasihat pakar untuk mengelakkan dr segala sumber2 air. 

Kesian gile...O_O

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