Thursday, January 19, 2012

Siapakah Courtney Stodden?

Meet the claimed 16 year old bride who is 17 now in 2012. Does she look like 17 to you? Hhmmmm..
Meet Courtney Alexis Stodden, current internet laughing stock who is still struggling to find fame in Hollywood and tried to use her husband's fame instead. And meet her 51 year old husband. They were married last year.
So who the hell is Courtney Stodden? The exact question i asked when her husband introduced her to the Hollywood world. Kalu korang nak taw, Dough Hutchinson ni antara pelakon yg dikenali di Hollywood dan pernah berlakon dalam several movie box office such as Green Mile, I am Sam, Batman & Robin. So basically, this woman hanya menumpang populariti si suami mencapai populariti.

Selepas diperkenalkan oleh si suami, bermula lah pencarian publisiti murahan oleh Puan Stodden hingga mmbuat aku facepalm. Antara nya ialah:

Jogging sambil memakai stripper heels

Wat reality show tentang dirinya sendiri

Kuar hendak beli belacan, tapi pakaian wajiblah vogue & sexxaayhhh

Get a boob job and wear push up bra setebal yg mungkin

Trying to show a good example by claiming herself as PETA supporters (tapi nak kawal anjing pon struggle)

Dan some other silly and stupid thing that she did to gain fame. Yes, she starved for fame. Pity her...
Did i tell you that she made a single called 'Don't put it on me'. Please enjoy.Jgn jadi pekak lepas tu sudah.

She has a twitter! 

After all that publicity stunt & also her husband popularity, she still become the internet laughing stock. Nobody take her seriously, not even me. Hahaha. Bagi aku, ape yg die wat telah merosakkan usaha golongan 'blonde' seantero dunia yg masih struggle untuk membuktikan yg blonde bukanlah golongan bimbo. Too bad blondes. Oh yeah, here's the picture semasa die masih dalam kategori innocent blonde. 

Not bad bukan? Seems like a two different person. But it's Courtney Stodden! When people starving for fame, camni la jadi nye. #facepalm.


  1. this went viral last year in /b/ because of her stupid interview.

    really *facepalm*

  2. and this year she will bring more and more publicity stunt near you. and jog using heels is one of it for 2012. #double facepalm

  3. pffttt... from pretty to slutty...

  4. like Mrs. Hutchinson said.."Don't put it on me"


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