Friday, February 17, 2012

'That Effing Show'

Terdiri daripada 7 orang anak muda yang aku boleh kategorikan sebagai pelakon online comedy series 'That Effing Show' on Youtube. Once aku klik at one of their episod, aku jadi addicted. And there goes one episode after the another. So hilarious and it has become one of my favorite online series to enjoy.

Comedian of 'That Effing Show' are Umapagan, Hardesh Sigh, Mark Teh, FaiqSyazwan, Ezra Zaid, Grey Yeoh & Yong Xian Tze. What a 1Malaysia, don't ya think?=)
Please enjoy several of their episodes. The first one is about Najib's FB in malay version and chinese version. Ikan Patinnnnnn.

The second one is about shit things that coming out from malay's mouth. All the cliche word and catch phrases really LMFAO.
The third one about the noisemaker that keep bugging us on the network telecast. Check out big mama's interview on her natural beautiful hair. Funny! Hahaha.

Bagi aku, walupun 'That Effing Show' ditubuhkan pada tahun 2010 tapi aku rase aku prefer layan video jenis camni daripada beberapa orang yang suka bercakap sorang2 berkongsi kehidupan peribadinya die Youtube. Well, vlog is the 'IT' thing right now kan. Mungkin ramai da tgk these guys on youtube tapi I dont care. Aku maybe terlambat but so what?

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