Monday, March 5, 2012

Social Media Survival Challenge

Tanya la pada sesiapa pun. Kalau tak ada twitter, Facebook akaun mesti ada. Kalau tak ada FB, Twitter, paling pokai pon layan Foursquare, baca kisah2 di blog mahupun chatting di messenger. The point is, social media has become a part of our daily lives. Even smartphone sekarang pon ada aplikasi untuk social media. 
Social media is important nowadays where people updates with their loved ones, updated world gossip, wedding invitation or even advertise something. Disebabkan gaya hidup sebegini, Mashable telah mengadakan satu pertandingan survival di mana menguji korang untuk tidak berinteraksi di social media untuk 2 minggu. 

The rules are:
  • You cannot do any sort of Facebook activities i.e. updating status, commenting, liking a status, upload pics/videos, sharing post, playing social games (farmville, mafia wars, pet society, etc) and etc
  • You cannot do any sort of Twitter activties
  • No writing blog post (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, or other blogging platform)
  • No checking-in in Foursquare/Facebook
  • No chatting/video chatting (gtalk, skype, yahoo IM, Meebo, etc)
What you can do are:
  • Emails
  • SMS texting
  • Internet content only via news site.
How to enter:
  • Leave your comment in Mashable article here, telling "why do you want to disconnect from social media for two weeks?"
  • Post your comment by Wednesday, 7th march 2012. The five most inspiring answers will be selected to go through with this survival challenge. Mashable akan berhubung dengan peserta sepanjang dua minggu itu dan peserta akn menulis pengalaman mereka di akhir pertandingan. The best experience will be featured in Mashable as a guest post. 
Berminat? Think you can survive without social media for 2 weeks? Aku da sent komen aku, want to give it a try to see whether I can survive or not. It could be fun! Or torturing...hhhmmmm
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  1. challenge denied.

    and i hate you!!

    *lari sambil mengalirkan air mata kerana tak dapat terima diri sendiri adalah sissy*


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