Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Life So Far: The Untitled

Bonjour! Lama benar berhabuk blog aku ni. Aku akui, teramat lama aku tak berblogging, not because aku kering idea, tapi menikmati every single bit of my life here. Yes folks, a particular life experience has opened my eyes wide open. Ia telah menyedarkan aku daripada 'tidur yang panjang'. Dan aku mahu mengambil kesempatan untuk berkongsi apa yang telah aku alami.

Since I was a kid, I was being exposed to the type of lifestyle where excellence is a must and failure is not an option. I have to ace every paper and I can conclude that for the past 20++ yrs of my life, it's all about excelling without a proper understanding about it and neither enjoyed the beautiful moments that life has to offer. Kindergarten, school, university, my life was pretty much the same routine. Went to class from Monday till Friday, movie/bowling/dine out/lepak mamak on Saturday and rest on Sunday in order to have energy on Monday. This is basically my routine for the past 20++ years of my life and I thought I was pretty happy with it. And I thought that's what life was.

Until I got a job which mostly everybody will call it as their dream job. I thought it was my dream job too. Good pay, good opportunity to travel around the world. But guess what, that dream job has opened my eyes to see the world in a different perspective. My first thought when it comes to definition of life was, have a great career with good pay, have a good relationship that will lead to a happy marriage and have beautiful kids to cheer up the house. But, the Almighty knows better and He has a better story for me. A gentle reminder, when you hear some people say that everything happen for a reason, you better believe them. This is because it happened to me.

While I was working, I got an injury and at the same time, I was being requested by my parents to come back to the country and find a job locally after I've been away and out of the country for a while. At first, I'd be lying if  I said that I was not pissed and disappointed to see myself in this kind of situation. I was facing possibilities of letting go everything that I've built before, not to mention was facing the pressure as well from people's expectation of me to be there for them when they needed me, when it did not happen mutually when it came to the time that I needed them. I was being told to tough it up and swallow everything. Ironically, I was being told by the parties that were so fragile and vulnerable during the time they needed me. At that time, I realized that I have to gain my inner strength and faced it alone.

I decided to run away from the world that I was living in for my whole life and tried to pick up the pieces back. So I decided to fly somewhere where everything was so new to me. New friends, new environment, new life routine etc. When I was there, a wise person taught and exposed me to the other side of life which I haven't explored yet, the beautiful side of life. Excuse me for being a late bloomer when it comes to explore the world but I learned to kayak while embracing the beautiful mother nature, I learned how to camp, I learned how to play board games that I've never heard before and was pretty good with it, I got a new life experience by going to the cemetery at 2am in the morning. I expected to see something but nothing appeared that night, LOL! And I loved every single bit of it!

Comedy show by Chris Tucker

Every week was a different life routine. No more movies, bowling every weekend. While I was there, I realized that it has been a while I haven't done something that I loved so much, cooking and graphic designs. When I was there, I started to learn new recipes and made it as my own when things did not happen as I expected from the online recipe.
Some of the recipe that i made: French toast with caramelized apple

I've realized that there were so many stuff that I haven't discovered yet in life. This valuable lessons has taught me that life is too short to include people's drama, people's expectation in your life, to consider what people think of you, people's jealousy that might stop your goals in having such an awesome life. Right now, I'm enjoying every bit of my life, doing what I love for the next years to come with people and things that made me happy. I even made a bucket list of 100 things to do before you reach 30. It's not simply worth it to limit your life to something that you have witnessed for your whole life and it's because of what mostly people does.

Sometimes, good pay doesn't give you good life. You're the one that needs to balance it well, not how much you get paid. You can have all the money in the world but it will be pointless if you don't know how to use it well. Don't let other people stop your dreams of being awesome. Life is too short to cater that kind of people in your life, especially the fun sucker one who thinks they are always right no matter what. And don't restrict your life like your cubicle workstation. Hope my lesson of life has taught you something valuable. 
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